Hi and welcome to Tiggarius Gaming, the premier Atlas Reactor strategy site.  Site updates Tuesdays.  Glad to have you with us!  

Note:  I am looking for a video editor (person).

The site is organized by the tabs at the top:

1.  “About” tells you about me!

2.  “Strategy” is the heart of the site, with subcategories for all kinds of Atlas Reactor analysis and content.

3.  “Creative” is the soul of the site, featuring my original Lancer Concepts and other creative pursuits, from me and others!

4.  “Videos” contains fun highlight clips from my stream, full games of quality play on featured lancers, and the occasional informative video analysis!

5.  “Zeus Quad” contains information about my new team, Zeus Quad!

Other notes:

  • If you have questions, comments, or business inquiries, please contact me either on here (see “Contact” tab) or on Discord: Tiggarius#0198.
  • stream at www.twitch.tv/tiggarius — streams are typically Wednesday night, Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.
  • I play in Prep Phase League (“PPL“) on Sundays at 1 pm Eastern.
  • There’s also a donation tab on the far right, but only if you’re feeling really generous and can afford it.  <3  You can also donate to PPL, which helps the league grow and function (do that on their website at the bottom of this page).

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