Firepower Mod Discussion, Part 3 (Nix, Oz, PuP, Tol-Ren, Zuki)



  1.  Zero In (1) — Disengage (3) — High Velocity (2) — Riot (2) — Focused Beam (2)
  2.  Zero In (1) — Disengage (3) — Drone Network (3) — Nova (1) — Focused Beam (2)
  3.  Hard-core (3) — Disengage (3) — Nothing (0) — Riot (2) — Focused Beam (2)

#1 is my classic Nix build.  The focus with Nix is on not being seen.  The best way to do that is to be really far away.  So we take range on 1 and 5, and we take movement on 2.  That leaves four points for our 3 and 4, and I’m a big fan of Riot Round, leaving two points for High Velocity Round.  Riot Round is good because you’re already only using Vortex Shot when you expect to hit multiple targets.  You get the slow on the main target and weaken on all the other targets next round, which can actually mitigate quite a bit of damage.  Also, whereas something like slow on all targets (since you’re not near them anyway) is a bit more of a teamplay thing and requires your teammates to play smart with movement, your teammates will benefit from the weaken even if they’re not doing anything particularly smart.

#2 is a variant that takes Drone Network for situations where you really need to be out of vision (or are against multiple dashing enemies).  That is, you may not have a clear shot lined up, so you can drop a second drone instead to do something productive with the turn.

#3 is a pierce mod.  I used to run this mod all the time, but it can be hard to line up a pierce shot (though not as hard as you’d think).  I just prefer the range because it lets me position much more flexibly which is super important on Nix (and one point is cheaper than three points, too), but Hard-core isn’t bad.  34 + 22 = 56.  That’s a heck of a lot of damage for a primary ability.

Other twists might include Reaper Shells on ult, but if they’re below 50% you’ll probably one-shot them anyway with a simple mighted ult unless it’s a tank.  Again, range gives a lot of flexibility.  I’ve also heard of people taking invis on ult, and it’s probably not bad.  Being invisible is a good thing, as it turns out.

Recommended Catalysts:  Might, Fade, Adrenaline / Chronosurge

I take Might for a big ult.  Second Wind is an option, especially if your support is a Helio, but my philosophy with Nix is that if you take any significant damage, you’re probably just dead.  He doesn’t exactly have a lot of hit points or escapes.  The whole point is to stay far away and not get caught in the first place.  Fade is my preferred dash catalyst on most freelancers.  Adrenaline is nice because a knockback, especially on an invis turn, can really ruin your day, but if they don’t have that then Chronosurge is nice to reposition yourself (especially on the second turn of stealth, where you can get into brushes you couldn’t otherwise reach) or kite melee.



  1.  Divide (3) — Tagged (2) — Overwhelming (2) — Tr-Tr-Tricky (1) — Faster Than Light (2)
  2.  Divide (3) — Lucent (3) — Nothing (0) — Mighty Me (2) — Razzle Dazzle (2)
  3.  Laser Focused (2) — Tagged (2) — Nothing (0) — Afterglow (3) — Welcome (3)

How much milk does it take to lose a game?  1 Oz.  (Credit to Kochevnik.)

I think Divide and Conquer is pretty good?  Because you can hit two targets for 25 each, boosted to 28 = 56 damage.  That’s a lot.  And it’s very likely you can only hit a given target once anyway, say if you’re doing a turret style and only your afterimage is nearby.  Or one may be blocked by a wall.  Etc.

#1 is my usual build.  Oz is very difficult to play, but basically you want to try to hit something every turn and get a big spray when you can.

#2 is supposed to be a cool build where you use Lucent to do a bunch of damage (take Might for your ult, Echo Boost it, then do a big spray the turn after).

#3 is this weird energy build that a friend swears by.  I haven’t tried it yet.

Recommended Catalysts: Regenergy, Fade, Chronosurge / Adrenaline

I like Regenergy for Adrenaline is good because if Oz gets knocked it screws up his afterimage position for later, makes his dash weaker, etc., and Chronosurge is good for repositioning.



  1. Rabid (3) – Play Time (1) – Retractable Leash (2) – Caught the Scent (2) – To Eleven (2)
  2. Bloodhound (2) – Play Time (1) – Retractable Leash (2) – Dog Shelter (3) – Resonance (2)

#1 is my go-to Solo Queue build where I want to just hunt down some squishy target like a Nix.  Full damage, reveal out of invis, and I think range on Dash and Walkies are almost always good options.

#2 is a more serious survival-heavy build.  I would probably run something like this in competitive.

Note:  Please do not take Hunting Dog under any circumstances.  Yes, the mod has fringe uses, but most of the time it just takes you out of the fight for an extra turn unnecessarily.  For three points, you don’t want a mod that is often detrimental.

Recommended Catalysts: Second Wind, Fade, Adrenaline / Chronosurge

Adrenaline so you can make sure to pull people where you want them to go.  Chronosurge also not bad for sticking to targets.



  1. Honed (3) – Monkey (1) – Spirit Master (3) – Cut Them Down (3) – Nothing (0)

I’m only listing one build, because that’s all I really use when I play Tol-Ren.  I like Honed Edge because I tend to split my attack frequently.  Way of the Monkey is very nice for only one point, and can be combined with Second Wind.  Spirit Master is so that I have a more reliable ranged attack, but I don’t love any of the mods on this ability, truth be told.  Cut Them Down is for surprise burst turns, and I do not run anything on the ultimate because I find the payoff is relatively minimal compared to the base ability.  One possible tweak would be to add Vengeance Seeker for the additional 2 range on ult – and you could drop Spirit Master for, perhaps, Focused Blade (which might actually be good, too – I’ll have to try it out).

Recommended Catalysts: Might / Second Wind, Fade / Fetter, Chronosurge

I think Might is good for a big ult / Ren’s Fury burst turn, and Second Wind is good on a melee who may need to recuperate.  Fade is my preferred dash catalyst on most freelancers, but Fetter is good on melee as well.  Chronosurge seems quite good on Tol-Ren as he needs to stick on enemies.



  1.  Extra Shrapnel (3) — Stickiest (2) — Peekaboo (3) — Nothing (0) — Concentrated (2)
  2.  Extra Shrapnel (3) — Phospho (1) — Peekaboo (3) — Extra Big (1) — Concentrated (2)
  3.  Mr. Punch (2) — Stickiest (2) — Peekaboo (3) — Extra Big (1) — Concentrated (2)

I favor Extra Shrapnel on her main attack, but some top players like Mr. Punch for the 35 direct.  Both are pretty good.

Stickiest is nice on bombs, but I do still take Phospho vs. invis.

Peekaboo is really good on the Big One (free action!), but Shock and Awe isn’t too bad either.

The dash mods are kind of a throwaway.  You aren’t necessarily doing damage after dashing anyway.  Might is great on Zuki, but only if you do a setup turn (which you can’t if dashing).

Concentrated Fire and Artillery Barrage are both good on the ult.  I prefer the former now that the latter was nerfed.  I don’t love through walls — better to line up an ult you’re happy with that take that kind of damage penalty for 3 points.

Recommended Catalysts:  Might, Fade, Your Choice

Might is really, really good on Zuki.  Not only can you get a massive Mighted ultimate for really huge damage, but you can also set up a big turn with delayed damage.  Sticky Bombs and the Big One both deal their damage the next turn, which means you can use one (or both, with Peekaboo!) the previous turn, then Might for a big ult or main attack plus both of those for essentially triple Might.  Super good!  Fade is my preferred dash catalyst on most lancers.  Your call on Blast Phase cata.

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