Nev:3 Update

Short post.  Played Nev:3 last night on stream.  She’s really fun.  I went 6-0, with an average of 31 damage per turn and 0.7 deaths per game.  Not half bad.  4 out of 6 games were over 600 damage, and the highest was 873.

The first half of my stream, I said Nev:3 was underwhelming.  But the second half of the stream, as I learned her better — she seems pretty decent!

I think my overall predictions were largely correct: she deals good damage but it’s hard to play safe on her and she benefits greatly from support help.  Her ultimate is underwhelming.  I felt like I died more often than usual, at least as far as PvP goes.  She’s also very high skillcap, so I think her win percentage will be a shade under 50.

The build I was using last night is Meowch, Collar, Nothing, Haste on dash, Haste on ult.  Alternatively, I think Disc Fever on Dash and Moxie on ult are good too.  Highly recommend this build.

Anyway, bottom line is she’s a lot of fun and I’m really looking forward to playing her again!

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