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For now, I’ve put everything on the same page, but ideally each of the below would link to its own page.

Standings (Current Season — Season 5)
Schedule (Current Season — Season 5)
Previous Seasons
League News 


[each would have maybe one sentence of description on the main team page, and hyperlink to a page for that team, which would include members, date of formation, prior members, tournament finishes, and anything else that seems relevant]

360 no scope
4K Hyperion
Cookie Cutters
[DI] Odin’s Warbots
Freelancer United Nation
Identity Crisis
Made in China
Rize Gaming
Team Poland
The Imperium
Vezzed Gaming

STANDINGS  (Season 5)


SCHEDULE  (Season 5)



Seasons 1-3:  I have no idea.  I wasn’t around.  I think Trash won something?

Season 4:


Final Regular Season Standings

(Points is the higher of [second split points] and [average of first and second split points]. Win = 3 points. Draw = 1 point. Loss = 0 points.)


Rank Team Points
1 The Imperium 24
2 Ragnarok 23
3 Freelancer United Nation 21
4 Rize Gaming 19.5
5 Midnight 16
6 Team Poland 16
7 LoveBytes 13
8 360 no scope 10.5
9 Made in China 5
10 Hype-Botics 4


[image of completed playoff bracket]

Winners: Rize Gaming
Second: Midnight
Third: Ragnarok


Final Regular Season Standings

Rank Team Points
1 Vezzed Gaming 36.5
2 Cookie Cutters 16
3 Identity Crisis 12.5
4 [DI] Odin’s Warbots 8
5 4K Hyperion 8


[image of completed playoff bracket]

Winners: Cookie Cutters
Second: Vezzed Gaming
Third: [DI] Odin’s Warbots


[image of completed worlds bracket]

Winners: Vezzed Gaming
Second: The Imperium
Third: Midnight


[insert Rules from discord]

[make sure we add rules on how scoring and playoffs work]

[also rules clarifying home vs. away]

[modifications to roster swap rules?]

[maybe check the DI tournament rules to see if there’s anything else useful they thought of that we should add]


— Vezzed Gaming win Worlds!

In a shocking turn of events, the most dominant team all season stormed to a 2-0 victory over The Imperium in what many call “the best finals since the EU finals like two weeks ago.”  When asked for comment, Tiggarius informed us that he STILL hasn’t gotten around to watching these matches, as he was busy competing for third place at the time.

— DrJester aces exams (we hope).

Thanks to the early finals, DrJester got a sound night of sleep and, bolstered by his team’s impressive second place performance, did great on his exams the following morning.  If successful, he could get a doctorate and become DrDrJester.

— DI invitational July 29th and 30th!

Everyone is really hyped about this, especially the folks over at DI.  When asked for comment, Nalanthi put on a samurai outfit and danced to I’ll Make A Man Out of You from Mulan.  We think he wants to play Tol-Ren.

— Season 5 is going to bring about some awesome improvements!

Blah blah news blah blah news blah.

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