Tiggarius Lancer Tier List — October 2017

Every month, a new Chapter is released in the Season, and with it come some balance changes (sometimes).  Here is the October Tier List of Lancer Power.  These tier lists are tailored to something of a mix between solo queue and competitive play.  If a lancer’s viability differs significantly between the two, I’ll make a note of it.

Keep in mind of course that this is just a general set of thoughts (as well as just my opinion!) and doesn’t apply to every game.  Certain lancers if play well can excel in, say, solo queue, far beyond what the tier list would suggest.  Additionally, bans do not necessarily have to be targeted at S+ or S every single game.

Change from previous list is noted in parentheses.  (For example, someone rising from B tier last month to A tier this month would be (+1).)  Note that this does not necessarily mean the lancer got better or worse, it may just be a shift in the meta (or a shift in my opinion!).

I’m not including much in the way of analysis here — ask me if you wanna know why a certain lancer is ranked where it is.

Notable changes from last month:  Nix -2.  Teams are learning to counter and focus Nix.  Orion +1.  Orion has cemented himself as a standout pick in competitive play.

S+ — Must-ban
Quark (0)

S — Extremely strong: high-priority pick or ban
Lockwood (0)
Orion (+1)
PuP (0)

A — Very strong
Celeste (0)
Helio (0)
Meridian (0)
Phaedra (-1)

B — Good lancers
Asana (-1)
Aurora (0)
Blackburn* (-0.5) (Arguably B+)
Brynn (+1)
Dr. Finn (+1)
Gremo (0)
Grey (+1) (per conversation with Beric) (arguably B-)
Isadora (N/A)
Juno (+1)
Nev:3 (0)
Nix (-2)
Rask (0)
Rufflebucket (0)
Su-Ren (0) (note: weaker in soloQ)
Titus (0) (note: stronger in soloQ)
Zuki (-1)

C — Mediocre lancers
Elle (0)
Garrison (0)
Khita (0)
Oz (+1)
Tol-Ren (-1)

D — Weak lancers
Kaigin (0)

F — Unplayable

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