Nerf Suggestions — October 2017 — Master List for end of Season 3

Hey guys — it’s late, and I’ve put forth a number of these previously (with reasoning), so I’m not going to give much reasoning here.  I may come back and edit this later with reasoning.  Some of these are more recent thoughts and I haven’t fully baked them yet, but I wanted to get a post on this out before Season 3 officially ended.  I may think through the changes for Orion, in particular.  Also, the support changes are mostly to lower the hit points of the various supports to make them easier to kill, which I think is an appropriate change given how tanky they are.  (Khita is already 120 hp and Su-Ren is already 140 hp — I did not change their hp totals.)

Lancers are ranked very roughly in order of the importance of the nerfs (i.e. most overpowered lancers first).

Comments welcome as always.

Radiate now gives ally 3 health and 3 shields (was 6 health) and gives 4 energy per active bond (was 8 regardless of number of bonds)
Fusion now gives 10 shields per ally hit, down from 15
Atomic Bond now heals 10 health and gives 4 shields (was 14 health)
Growing Attraction (mod) now increases bond strength by 1 health and 1 shield per turn the bond is attached, up to 3 (was 2 health per turn)

Walkies cooldown increased to 5 (was 4)
Prowl Protocol stealth lasts 2 turns (was 3).  New 2-point mod:  Underdog.  Your Prowl Protocol lasts an additional turn.
Maximum health reduced to 140 (was 160)

Maximum health reduced to 150 (was 170)
Empyreal Ruin now deals 14 damage on the sides (was 16) (center still deals 21)
Focused Flames (mod) now adds 4 damage if only 1 target is hit (was 5)

Maximum health reduced to 140 (was 160)
Echo Hammer energy per target hit reduced to 5 (was 6)
Blast Shield energy gain reduced to 6 (was 8)
Black Hole energy on use reduced to 6 (was 8)

Trick Shot now deals 30 base damage (was 32)

Maximum health reduced to 145 (was 160)

Dr. Finn
Maximum health reduced to 145 (was 165)

Maximum health reduced to 170 (was 180)

Mending Mists (mod) now costs 2 points (was 1) (I’m not touching this mod too much because we all love it)
(New 1-point mod on Smoke Bombs, because it then needs one: Photo Bomb.  Energy gain increased by 2 per target hit.)

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