Month: November 2017

Lancer Concept #7 — Lacuna

Lacuna, the Wardancer Super Short Summary:  Lacuna is a high-skill technical melee firepower.  She has absolutely no ranged attacks.  Accordingly, she is uniquely vulnerable, but has certain unique strengths as well:  high damage on short cooldowns, the ability to generate energy quickly, and an ultimate that makes her a powerful killing machine while activated — think Meridian …

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Lancer Concept #6 — Siertse

Siertse, the Hemorachnid (aka “the Heart”) Super Short Summary:  Siertse is a spider-and-blood-themed support that does best when coordinating with multiple allies.  Her primary and second ability both hit a small area around her: the primary damages and heals, and the secondary provides future shielding, allowing her to do set-up turns.  Rounding out the kit, we have Bloodburst and Neutralize.  …

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Mini-Guide Index

This is an Index of some recommended builds, and a little analysis of the builds, for every lancer!  The lancers are broken up into 7 separate posts (3 firepower, 2 frontline, 2 support), but the below links will direct you to precisely the lancer you are looking for. Asana Aurora Blackburn Brynn Celeste Dr. Finn …

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