Tiggarius Lancer Tier List — December 2017

Tiggarius Lancer Tier List — December 2017

  • Notable changes from last month:  Zuki +2, Grey -2.  Zuki received some buffs that immediately lift her into the top tier of firepowers.  Celeste is bumped up to S-tier, as well as Aurora and Helio given the power of supports in the current meta and the priority to pick them given the second ban and general dearth of support options.  Phaedra was a close call between A and S.  Grey falls out of favor, and a few others join her in D-tier.  Magnus is our first-ever F.  I admit I was wrong about him.  His puny dinosaur arms can’t hit anybody, which it turns out is pretty bad.


S+ — Must-ban / Must-pick
Quark (0)
Orion (0)
PuP (0)

S — Extremely strong; high-priority pick or ban
Aurora (+1)
Celeste (+1)
Helio (+1)
LW (0)
Phaedra (+1)
Zuki (+2)

A — Very strong
Asana (+1)
Gremo (0)
Meridian (+1)
Nev:3 (0)
Rask (+1)

B — Good lancers
Dr. Finn (0)
Isadora (-1)
Juno (0)
Nix (+1)
Rufflebucket (0)
Su-Ren (+1)
Titus (0)

C — Mediocre lancers
Blackburn (0)
Brynn (0)
Elle (0)
Kaigin (0)
Oz (0)

— Weak lancers
Garrison (-1)
Grey (-2)
Khita (-1)
Tol-Ren (-1)

F — Unplayable
Magnus (N/A)

8 thoughts on “Tiggarius Lancer Tier List — December 2017”

  1. Garrison weak lancer, wtf?!? I mean, with the correct mods you can jump and deal from 20 to 52 free missile damage, plus the jump, plus the shield… I think he is a GREAT frontliner with many ways to slow. Ofc he has lower damage on basic skills, but it’s because otherwise it would be so overpowered that would be 100% ban. He also has a GLOBAL presence ulti (which btw can heal and slow). So in my humble opinion, he is a better tank than Isadora or Titus.

    Then let’s talk about BlackBurn. Mediocre? Really? Are you nuts? Another global pressence ulti but this time, we are talking about a lancer who can might + (normally heal) himself, and with the right mods, he can deal massive damage per turn, if not with the grenade (which btw can reveal enemies) with a polivalent basic attack, either in cone or single target. And btw his dash can either be a really really far dash, or can slow the enemy when you hit him with probably the strongest damaging dash in the game. You are telling me Gremo is stronger than BB? NO WAY. I can’t even think of Juno beeing stronger than him.

    Lastly, Magnus is a bit underpowered but he gains on utility, I agree he is not the best tank but his ulti is a gamechanger for sure, and his dash/shield is mention worthy. He had a recent buff on a mod so probably he deserves C at least.

    1. I’m glad you’re so passionate. My rankings are at times controversial. I am considering bumping Blackburn up a tier in my next power rankings. Garrison, unfortunately, lacks defensive options. You’re right that his low damage is offset by his consistent ranged slow and solid ultimate. But he’s too easily focused to be higher tier. Isadora is much harder to kill. Titus has his OP dagger, and his shout is at least a defensive free action of some description.

      I have a feeling Magnus is going to get buffed through the roof soon, so watch out. I do think he has amazing aspects to his kit. But it’s offset by having a predictable dash, relatively poor defensive capabilities, short range, and absolute crap on the outer rings of his primary.

      1. The good think about this game is that except from Pup and Orion, most of the champs seem very balanced.

        If you noticed you can split each role in 2:

        Firepower you have ranged and melee firepower

        Support you have heal focused supports and shield+damage supports (Helio, Khita etc) and then… Su-Ren… the most complex but satisfing support to play if you do it good. Good damage, good healing , good buffs/debuffs and one of my favourites ultis in this game, which is a 1-UP for that turn most of the times and a good damage next turn if not a second wind for the ally.

        Frontline you have heavy mitigation/heal tank and on the other side (and when Garrison shines over everybody , in the lack of some tankiness) you have a heavy aggro menace with solid damage. I mean, if you think about it, it’s kinda similar to melee frontliners but with higher health and a bit lower damage, BUT he has defensive options (maybe not as brighter as Asana does for example) such as the 25 shield for turns (which normally unless they predict your jump, they are reserved for the next turn). But you have to take in count everything on his kit, I mean, his missiles deal a lot of damage in area, and have a great range (unless you are invis). His constant CC with the slow, and a solid basic attack that covers a nice area makes him probably along with rask the biggest frontline damage in humble opinion. And of course his ulti can heal up anybody if they survive that turn (or if you put the correct mod) I know Titus (my favourite Frontline) has a loooot of sustain with heals on 2 abilities , but, he has so little damage that appart of its ulti normally isn’t a threat as menacing as Garrison, so yeah, comparing them, you might lose a bit of sustain, but you trully gain so much global pressence and so much threat to the enemy that it’s insane.

        About Blackburn well, I prefer other lancers such as Nev , Lockwood or Zuki, but that revealing grenade that can go through walls it’s a pretty defensive poking skill. I am only rank 4-3 but most of the Juno’s ulties are quite predictable and have limited reach, while BB ulti it’s a big threat (specially if you have the 3 squares ulti or the 2nd round next turn). And grem well… it’s true that his mines around the map are a constant threat but I simply think that he can’t match BB, Zuki or Lw firepower.

        About Magnus it’s again what I said above, and thanks to the buff of a mod, he has more damage now. His missiles are a very good skill since it’s like nev’s prep- catarang: or you eat it or it forces you to dash. The only thing I don’t like it’s his basic attack, but it’s true that with the correct mods now, it’s suprisingly strong. The big deal as I said, it’s triceracop’s ulti. Taunting the enemy to aurora’s floor, or zuki’s big one, helio’s wall, etc… It’s a situational support tank that as you said , I hope he gets a mod for the predictable dash, or a bigger shield. Now I think he is just Weak or Mediocre in solo ranked.

        Which by the way , leads me to a brief question. This tier is for Solo Q right? I mean, I play for example The Alchemist Code, and while some heroes shine in PvE others excell in PvP. Then I have the same impresion about this game. For example, Triceracop is bad in solo Q as well as Tol Ren is or Khita (I play as my main support and it requieres BIG comunication of what are you gonna do this turn and the following with your shield and heal), or even Su-Ren could even drop to mediocre low on Solo Q.

        BUT, those excell in a team comp with full awareness and comunication due to the combo options they have (I mean, triceracop and Zuki big one, Khita using it’s mark when it’s a 100% hit for all team, etc…).

        So what do you think about team comp Tiers?

  2. I’m convinced you don’t know how to play Magnus properly or even read over his abilities. His charge allows him to get close range to root targets, follow up with Uppercut for displacement, while letting his Primary Attack build up so it has it’s range (or mod his shield to fully power his Primary). His ult forces enemies to follow him, etc etc.

    Sounds like you only played one game and wrote him off because you couldn’t be bothered to experiment.

    1. Okay, but I’m pretty sure I’m right. I’ve played multiple Magnus games at reasonably high level, and seen him played in another couple dozen probably. He invariably performs poorly. I would say in only about 1 or 2 games out of every 20 does he not perform SIGNIFICANTLY worse than a comparable frontline.

      You’re just describing what his abilities do. Yes, his charge lets him get close to root targets. Yes, he has a knockback. Yes, he has a primary attack. Yes, his ult forces enemies to follow him. The problem is that he is very easily countered by any single dash or unstoppable. There are generally multiple turns where he cannot do much at all. He is very predictable. And he has very poor defensive capabilities.

      If you believe he is good, please show me screenshots or videos of him performing at a high level. I’ll take a look.

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