Tigg’s Torrid Takes — Upcoming Frontline Buffs

So, we haven’t heard much yet.  You’ll get a new Torrid Take once the patch notes come out.  But here’s a Torrid Pre-Take.  Which, when you think about it, is really extra Torrid.

Here’s what we know:

  1.  Vonn released.
    Vonn is an ice-themed firepower that is ______’s brother.  (My guess is Zuki.)  He has no dash, but has some shielding, CC and combo mechanics.  I expect to love this lancer and play him a lot.
  2.  Buffs to frontlines.
    Apparently, all frontlines will be receiving buffs, even Phaedra (though smaller than the others).  Garrison and Titus will do 32 base damage on their respective primaries (up from 26 and 28).  Holy moly.  Presumably Magnus will also receive some much-needed buffs, but then the oppressive aspects of his kit may become problematic.  My take is that none of the frontlines except Garrison and Magnus need buffs of any kind.  Accordingly, I believe these buffs will lead to problems and many may be reverted.  But I don’t know the specifics of the buffs yet.  The devs seem very keen on these buffs so I’m not going to try to talk them out of them at present.  But if they do turn out to be a problem, I told ya so!
  3.  Nerfs to Quark and Orion.
    Yes, please.  I don’t know the nature of these nerfs at all, but I would guess that the Quark nerfs are in the nature of small number adjustments or nerfs to mods.  I think his damage may be nerfed slightly, or else his energy gain on radiate (which I’ve been suggesting for a long time).  The Orion nerfs I would guess are a small nerf to either Fate Transfer or his heal, and a small nerf to his maximum hit points.  Any changes will be welcome for these oppressive lancers who see very little time in the sun due to their ban rates.
  4. No word on PuP.
    Woof woof.  Nerf me please.

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