Tiggarius Tier List — February 2018 #1

Tiggarius Lancer Tier List — February 2018

  • Notable changes from last month:  FRONTLINE BUFFS.  And thus the whole meta changes.  Rask and Isadora are now the top dogs…er…cat…rat.  Nev also continues to be strong with her massive AoE damage.  Aurora, Helio and Su all are in good shape with their ability to contest frontlines.  Orion falls to A but is still an excellent pick in many ways.  PuP falls as well because he does not stand out as much from the other frontlines now, making him lower priority.
  • Asana, Brynn, Isadora and Magnus all climb to A (jk Isadora climbs to S), and Titus climbs to B.  Garrison stays at D because his buffs were not even as good as those received by his competition.  And poor Rufflebucket doesn’t climb — but I guess he and Garry can hang out in trash tiers talking about the war, and Rufflebucket and Oz get to hang out.  Elle and Oz got bumped up a bit because of the increased value of AoE.  Lockwood, accordingly, falls a bit.
  • The biggest news:  Magnus +4, Quark -3.  Quark the worst support?!  It’s not just the meta — that alone would reduce him to maybe B tier or maybe even A still.  But the nerfs, particularly the energy nerf, hit him hard.
  • And thus we have a new era.  One with dinosaurs.  The Jurassic Period?!  Welcome to the meta, boys.  Out of 13 firepowers available for ranked (counting PuP as FL), only 3/13 are A or better.  But out of 10 frontlines available for ranked (counting PuP), 6/10 are A or better.  (Heh, Kaigin and Tol-Ren got dumpstered…well, actually Tol-Ren is still in fine shape in a dive meta and good Tol-Ren players are still having success.)  Love it or hate it (probably hate it), this is how things are gonna look for the next few weeks.  Enjoy, and be ready to experiment when ranked goes live.
  • This is Tier List #1 for February, with edits.  The 2-13-18 patch is about to go live and I will release a new tier list next week.  Expect relatively little movement.  For sure Juno will move up to B, and maybe should already have been B.  Elle got buffed, too, and may climb to B.  Kaigin might climb to C with his buffs — we’ll see — they weren’t very substantial (which is a good thing for now).  Lockwood will probably be back up in A tier with that insane primary buff.  Rask may or may not fall out of S tier…his nerfs were fairly small, so he may remain.  I have already moved Blackburn back up to B tier, and with the slight buffs he is receiving that should be where he belongs.  Big question is Garrison — will these minor buffs be enough to get him out of D tier?  I had put him up to C, but he really is D tier in my opinion.  Trion says his win rate is high, but we shall see where the chips fall in ranked.


S — Game-Defining Picks
Rask (+2)
Isadora (+2)

A — Excellent Picks
Asana (+1)
Brynn (+2)
Magnus (+4)
Aurora (0)
Helio (0)
Orion (-1)
Su-Ren (+2)
Celeste (0)
Nev:3 (+1)
PuP (-1)
Zuki (0)

B — Good Picks
Phaedra (0)
Titus (+1)
Dr. Finn (0)
Khita (+2)
Meridian (+1)
Blackburn (+1)
Gremo (0)
Grey (+1)
Lockwood (-1)
Vonn (N/A)

C — Mediocre (or Situational) Picks
Rufflebucket (0)
Quark (-3)
Elle (+1)
Juno (-1)
Nix (0)
Oz (+1)
Tol-Ren (+1)

D — Weak (or Very Situational) Picks
Garrison (0)
Kaigin (0)

F — Unplayable

5 thoughts on “Tiggarius Tier List — February 2018 #1”

  1. I used to love Phaedra, but I don’t know, with the overall buff to Frontliners, she feels far less impressive. She used to be one of the best FL out there. Still a strong choice with a lot of CC/sustain but not as game changer as before imo.

  2. Hi Im new to the game I have 3 questions wich champs of S and A tier are better for a noob ? Wich role is easier to play frontline or damage ? and also where can I find the freelancers builds ?

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