Lancer Concept #13 — Tuffin

Tuffin, the Pachyderm Protector
Affiliation:  EvoS
Role:  Support
Hit Points:  170

Super Short Summary:  A support that is something of a frontline-support hybrid, able to protect allies and fend off nearby foes.  He has a thematic and fun kit including an ally-protecting dash and some nifty AoE moves.

Lore:  An elephantine guardian that works for EvoS.  Half-man, half-elephant, basically — has the ears and trunk and tusks, etc.  He and Rusmeri kinda like each other — you know, the whole tusk thing.  Tuffin also incorporates some classic EvoS stylings, having a water cannon primary (through his trunk, obviously) similar to Finn’s.

Primary — Hose Down — Blast Phase — No Cooldown
Combo healing and damage spray, 7 range.  Deal up to 22 damage to enemies hit (narrow cone; widest cone hits for 14) and heal allies for up to 11 (narrow cone; widest cone heals for 7).  (Doesn’t have quite the max width of Finn’s.)  Gain 5 energy for each enemy hit and 2 energy for each ally hit.

Nose Nozzle (2 points) (default) — Gain 4 health.
Spray It, Don’t Say It (2 points) — If the cone hits a single target, damage or heal it for an additional 3 and gain an additional 3 energy.
Water You Doin’ (1 point) — Allies hit by the cone gain 4 shields this turn.
Under Pressure (3 points) — Enemies closer to you take up to an additional 5 damage (reduced by 1 for each tile away they are).

2 — Safeguard — Dash Phase — Cooldown 4
Dash to an ally (within 7 range), landing anywhere within a 2+2 area.  Gain 40 shields this turn and heal the ally for 15.  Gain 12 energy.

Durable (2 points) (default) — gain an additional 20 shields next turn.
Bodyguard (3 points) — 50% of the damage taken by the ally during Blast Phase this turn is redirected to you.
Flexiphant (1 point) — increase the permissible landing zone to a 3+2.
Herd Mentality (2 points) — on landing, grant all allies in a 3+1 area 10 shields until end of turn.

3 — Thundertrunk — Blast Phase — Free Action — Cooldown 3
Whirl your trunk and stomp the ground, dealing 10 damage and slowing enemies in a 3+1 this turn.  Gain 4 energy for each enemy hit.

Pulverize (2 points) (default) — gain 5 shields next turn for each enemy hit.
No Fear (3 points) — gain Unstoppable this turn.
Thunderstruck (3 points) — enemies hit are Weakened next turn.
The Nose Knows (1 point) — enemies hit are Revealed until the end of the next Decision Phase.
Out Of My House (2 points) — no longer a Free Action and increase cooldown by 1.  Enemies hit instead take 25 damage and are knocked back 1 square.  (Energy gain remains at 4 per target.)

4 — War Trumpet — Prep Phase — Cooldown 3
Grant friendly targets (including self) in a target 45-degree 5-range cone (goes through walls) Might this turn, and rally around you (separate graphic immediately following), granting friendly targets in a 3+1 around you (including self; does not go through walls) 10 shields this turn.  Allows full movement.  Gain 6 energy on use and an additional 2 for each ally hit with either the shields or the Might.

Selfephant (2 points) (default) — heal yourself for 10.
Blow It Oft (2 points) — reduce the cooldown by 1.
Jazzed Up (1 point) — gain an additional 1 energy for each ally hit.
To Battle! (2 points) — you and all allies in the 3+1 gain Haste this turn.
Vigilant Protector (3 points) — reset the cooldown on Safeguard when this is used.  Increase the cooldown of War Trumpet by 1.

Ultimate — Elephant Graveyard — Prep Phase — Requires 100 Energy
Create a 5×5 Elephant Graveyard centered at the target tile (targeter same as Phaedra ult — you must be inside the Graveyard) and grant 10 shields to any friendly targets (including self) initially inside the Graveyard.  The Graveyard lasts 2 turns.  All damage taken by friendly targets (including self) inside the Graveyard is healed up over the following 2 turns.  (Like Phaedra mending swarm.)  If Tuffin dies inside the Graveyard, your allies gain Might, Energize, Haste and Unstoppable next turn (regardless of where they are).

Instant Savings (2 points) (default) — increase the initial shields granted by 10.
Rapid Recovery (2 points) — damage taken is healed within 1 turn, but only heal for 60% of the amount.
My Yard, My Rules (2 points) — on use, reduce the cooldown of Thundertrunk by 1 for each enemy lancer inside the Graveyard.
Elegaggle (1 point) — at the beginning of next turn, gain 10 energy for each ally in the Graveyard.
I’ll Just Take the Death (3 points) — if you die inside the Graveyard, heal all allies (regardless of where they are) for an additional 20 at the end of the turn (this cannot save an ally who dies the same turn).

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