Tiggarius Tier List — March 2018

Tiggarius Lancer Tier List — March 2018

  • Notable changes from last month:  Isadora brought down to earth.  Rask nerfed but still strong.  Lockwood buffed and then nerfed a bit.  Some miscellaneous firepower buffs and other tweaks.   The meta seems in good shape overall.
  • Over in Support Land:  Orion rejoins S tier.  Finn improves because of his synergy with the meta.  Quark falls a bit further, but is still in the lower echelons of barely playable.  (Good — don’t want a world where Quark is good.)
  • Garrison is probably the biggest winner of the patch.  His buffs put him in solid shape, worth playing but not unfair to play against.
  • Elle, Nix, Tol-Ren and Meridian almost land in B tier, but I think C is fine to differentiate them a bit from the other B-tier lancers.  They require some precise play or have certain downsides.


S — Game-Defining Picks
Rask (0)
Orion (+1)

A — Excellent Picks
Asana (0)
Brynn (0)
Magnus (0)
Aurora (0)
Dr. Finn (+1)
Helio (0)
Gremo (+1)
Grey (+1)
Lockwood (+1)
PuP (0)
Zuki (0)

B — Good Picks
Garrison (+2)
Phaedra (0)
Titus (0)
Su-Ren (-1)
Khita (0)
Blackburn (+1)
Celeste (-1)
Juno (+1)
Nev (-1)
Vonn (0)

C — Mediocre (or Situational) Picks
Isadora (-3)
Rufflebucket (0)
Meridian (-1)
Elle (0)
Kaigin (+1)
Nix (0)
Oz (0)
Tol-Ren (0)

D — Weak (or Very Situational) Picks
Quark (-1)

F — Unplayable

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