Review of Lex, the Scion of Fire

Brief Review of Lex, the Scion of Fire

First of all, good job Trion on making her resemble my ex.  Fiery.  That haircut.  Hot.  Powerful.  Possibly a lesbian.  Clearly you want me to do nothing but main her.  For hours at a time.

Let’s move on.

I assume she’s hyperbotics, and I don’t know her hp.  Rumors put it at either 120 or 150.  Presumably the latter, because only Kaigin trash gets to be short-ranged with dumpster-level hp.

Her kit is at the bottom of the page.


OK, so I’m not going to review every ability and mod, but my hot take (get it) is this:  She’s gonna be good, and she’s gonna be a Tigg style lancer.  You get to run in and blow stuff up.  Actually, you can even dash in, which is great, because sometimes, when I’m playing Helio or whatever, I can’t get myself into the middle of the enemy team fast enough.

She’s kind of reminiscent of Amber, with both the fire theme and a free action ult that you can use to sort of power up her other abilities.

I think extra duration on her Flashpoint is going to be amazing.  I think Backdraft is going to be fantastic — all of those mods look good.  Is she going to be better than Tol-Ren?  That’s the real question.  I think her damage will be higher but survivability lower…maybe a cross between Tol-Ren and Garrison?  I also think she’s a bit Nev-like, in that you often need to dash somewhere to increase damage, and you do massive AoE damage but kind of die easily.

Overall, really looking forward to playing with her.  If you know what I mean.


Lex the Scion of Fire

  • Firepower
  • PTS planned for 5/1, and hoping for release on 5/10
  • Like most people guessed she is Vonn’s sister
  • Next weeks stream will show off her alt skin
  • Short ranged
  • Will be featured in Week 14 of this season lore
  • No mods are named
  • As always things are subject to change


Phase Blast
Free Action? No
targeting Template smaller double wedge (think Juno primary but smaller)


Deals Damage in two wedges with extra damage if they overlap


Mod Name Cost Description
Mod 1 3 More damage if hit by both templates
Mod 2 3 increase template width
Mod 3 2 Gives Haste next turn
Mod 4 2 Enemies are revealed if hit by both
Mod 5 1 more energy pr hit

Flash Point

Phase Prep
Free Action? Free
targeting Template Targeted on freelancer


deals a small amount of damage around but not including the target

Mod Name Cost Description
Mod 1 1 Can target through walls
Mod 2 2 if ally targeted they gain 10 shields
Mod 3 2 Enemies hit by the explosion are slowed
Mod 4 2 If you are super heated increases duration by 1
Mod 5 1 increases CD but resets when you become Superheated


Phase Dash
Free Action? no
targeting Template straight line with a large circle at ending point

dash to a target location leaves a fire explosion that lasts until the end of movement and deals damage to


Mod Name Cost Description
Mod 1 1 Increase range
Mod 2 1 if superheated the ground fire last an extra turn
Mod 3 2 increases damage
Mod 4 3 Gain shields per enemy hit
Mod 5 2 Slows enemies in the explosion


Phase Prep
Free Action? Bar
targeting Template Wide line

Gain shields and deals damage in a straight line(in blast), if Lex is dealt damage a 2nd shot is fired which leaves behind a fire trail


Mod Name Cost Description
Mod 1 2 More shields if below 60 hp
Mod 2 1 gain shields next turn for each attack that hits you
Mod 3 3 gain unstoppable
Mod 4 1 Shields last an extra turn
Mod 5 1 Damage of the blast is increased by 5


Phase Prep
Free Action? Yes
targeting Template Self

50 energy Cost and lasts two turns, All skills that damage applies a a DoT to enemies which deal 5 damage to enemies and reveals them the next turn, this also pops cryo cores.

Mod Name Cost Description
Mod 1 3 Gives might but increases energy cost
Mod 2 3 Heal for a small amount
Mod 3 2 Gives haste
Mod 4 2 Gives energize
Mod 5 1 slows nearby enemies

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