Tiggarius Tier List — July 2018

Tiggarius Lancer Tier List — July 2018

  • Notable changes from last month:  The meta’s finally moving a bit.  Seems like multi-support comps are back in (shocker) and frontline comps can still be pretty good.  But firepowers are at least playable, generally, I’d say.  The nerfs have mattered, and I think more balance changes are needed but at least it’s a step in the right direction.
  • Tiers are not sorted by power level within the tier this time — they’re just by role and alphabetical.
  • Elle is still really strong, but does get bumped down a bit because of the meta — slightly less FL dominance means she is more situational.


  • I bumped down a lot of people — that’s more a function of the tier list changing than the strength of those lancers, if that makes sense.  Like A tier was clustered with a lot of good stuff, and now that’s become a bit more staggered.  That is to say, some of what was A has become B (or B become C) without too much of a change in the overall strength of those lancers.  You’ll notice “B” is now “Good Picks” instead of “Decent Picks.”
  • Despite Isadora, Rufflebucket and Titus being knocked down 2 pegs, I don’t think they’re all that bad.  (Remember, one of the two notches was mostly due to the tier list being restructured a bit.)  These frontlines need to be played rather well, either skill-wise or in the right comp, but their power level is still quite high.  Tournament-pick-worthy?  Yes — but so are many of the lancers in C-tier, potentially.


  • What’s wrong with Blackburn and Celeste?  Fact of the matter is, if you’re a 120 hp firepower you better be doing something really special.  Typically that’s big AoE damage (Zuki, Nev, Oz) or being really really safe (Lockwood, Gremo, Grey, Nix).  Blackburn and Celeste don’t really do either of these things.  Celeste has some nice utility with powerup and smokebombs — I think she’s close to C-tier, and probably wouldn’t buff her at the moment.  Blackburn remains the worst lancer in the game.  Want simple buffs for him?  Reduce Grenade cooldown by 1.  Slightly fancier?  Reduce dash cooldown by 1, reduce ult damage by 5.  Very fancy?  Hire Tiggarius for design team.  😉



S — Must Picks
Dr. Finn (+1)

A — Excellent Picks

Elle (-1)

B — Good Picks
Helio (-1)
Khita (+1)
Garrison (-1)
Phaedra (-1)
Rask (-1)
Juno (-1)
Zuki (-1)

C — Acceptable Picks
Su-Ren (-1)
Isadora (-2)
Magnus (-1)
Rufflebucket (-2)
Titus (-2)
Lockwood (-1)
Nev (-1)
PuP (-1)

— Weak Picks
Blackburn (-1)
Celeste (-1)

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