Frontline – 140 hp
“The Magician”
Faction: Unitech

Unlike many frontlines who are focused on disruption, crowd control and absorbing damage, Abraxas focuses on providing vision and information for his team. He can manipulate his kit to gain other capabilities such as concealment, shields, movement and self-healing.  He has a great deal of mobility, allowing him to get around the battlefield to wherever he is needed or escape a tight spot during his recon.

Passive: Stage Presence

At the end of each turn, Abraxas gains 1 Cadabra Charge for each enemy that can see him.  These last until used (may be used by his 1, 2 or 4), and may be stored up to a maximum of 5 charges.  Abraxas passively gains 1 shield before each turn for each Cadabra Charge he has.

Primary: Sleight of Hand

Blast PhaseNo Cooldown
9 energy for first enemy hit, 6 for subsequent
Overlapping cones, 3 max range
Abraxas takes a deck of cards and prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs in the enemy’s face, dealing 24 damage in two overlapping centered cones.  If Abraxas has at least 3 Cadabra Charges, he will consume all of them to deal +2 damage per Charge and Slow enemies hit.

2: Spotlight

Blast PhaseCooldown 2
6 energy per enemy hit
Circle, 1.6 radius, 6 range

Abraxas creates a Spotlight at the target area, Revealing enemies hit and granting vision of the tiles hit until end of next Decision Phase.  Enemies hit take 20 damage (ignores cover).  If Abraxas is within the Spotlight or enters the Spotlight, he consumes all of his Cadabra Charges to heal himself for 3 per charge (max of 15).

3: Smoke and Mirrors

Blast Phase – Cooldown 2 – Free Action
6 energy on cast
Creates 3×3 Smoke at Abraxas’s current position, blocking enemy line of sight.  Abraxas gains +2 sight radius until end of next decision phase.  When he uses Smoke and Mirrors, Abraxas gains 5 Cadabra Charges (i.e., max charges) if no enemies can see him at the end of the turn.

4: Vanishing Act

Dash Phase – Cooldown 5
8 energy on cast
Character-targeted Slide, range 7
Abraxas dashes to an ally or enemy, landing within 2+1.  He shields himself and all allies within a circle of radius 2 for 20, and deals 20 damage to enemies in the circle.

Ultimate: The Prestige

Dash Phase
Costs 100 Energy
Teleport, range 3+2
Abraxas disappears, dashing up to 3 range and becoming invisible until the end of the next Decision Phase. He conjures 4 illusions, at his landing point and at 90-degree angles from his starting point. Each illusion deals 20 damage and shields for 20 in a radius-2 circle (similar to Vanishing Act).  Abraxas also gains vision of all tiles hit by the ability until end of next Decision Phase.

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