Old Barb

Old Barb
Frontline – 200 HP
“The Barbarian”

Faction: Coven

Not as dumb as he looks. Probably dumber.

Barb is a big lug – one of the simplest characters to play, but not necessarily easy to succeed with. His main challenge is positioning well to be able to stick to enemy targets, as he has no ranged attack besides his ult. But despite this, he can be a wrecking force. He has a pile of hit points and hits like a truck – something of a hybrid frontline/firepower.

Passive: Barbarian Rage

Whenever Barb takes damage, he becomes Enraged the following turn. Being Enraged increases damage dealt by 10 on all abilities.

Primary: Battleaxe

Blast PhaseNo Cooldown
10 energy for each enemy hit
Cone (3 radius, 120 degrees) with bonus to adjacent enemies
Barb smashes with his axe in a wide cone (3+1 range). Nearby targets take 30 damage, and farther targets take 26 damage.

2: Berserk

Prep Phase – No Cooldown
5 energy on use
Barb goes into Berserk mode, gaining Haste this turn and being able to full move. Barb also deals 5 damage to himself, or 10 if he is Enraged. (This damage pierces Barb’s shields. It will also trigger Barb’s Enrage next turn.) Barb gains 10 shields next turn.

3: Challenging Shout

Prep Phase – Cooldown 3 – Free Action
6 energy per enemy hit
3 radius area around self
Barb shouts, taunting his nearby foes. He gains 12 hit points per nearby enemy, and Challenges the enemies: enemies hit who do not damage Barb this turn are Weakened next turn.

4: Assert Dominance

Prep Phase – Cooldown 5 – Free Action
5 energy on use
Barb gains Unstoppable and may Chase enemies this turn without using a Chase catalyst.  The cooldown on this ability is reset whenever Barb participates in a takedown of an enemy.

Ultimate: Skewer

Blast Phase
Costs 100 Energy
Line attack, 7 range, pierces all enemies
Barb impales enemies in a line with his axe, dealing 30 damage and dragging them all back to him.

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