Support – 125 HP
“The Rising Star”

(Vega in the top-left)

Faction: RCF

A talented pilot and explorer, nearly killed in a mysterious accident and rebuilt with mechanical parts by RCF.

Chloe’s gameplay revolves around her astral drone Vega, which she can position anywhere on the battlefield through use of her second ability, Vega Strike. All of Chloe’s abilities are affected by Vega’s positioning, so if Chloe can put Vega in a useful spot, she will be able to protect her allies effectively and be a formidable foe for the opponent.

Passive: Vega

Chloe’s drone Vega passively grants vision of the tiles below it (“below it” meaning a 3×3 square centered underneath Vega). Additionally, Vega passively shields allies below it for 10 in Prep Phase and deals 10 damage to enemies below it in Blast Phase. Chloe gains 2 energy for each target hit by either effect.

Primary: Starbeams

Blast PhaseNo Cooldown
8 energy per enemy hit
Cone, 7-range, 30 degrees, from each of Chloe and Vega
Shoots a cone that deals 20 damage to enemies. Vega fires a similar cone that deals 12 damage to enemies. Enemies hit by both cones take 28 damage. Allies hit by both cones are healed for 12.

2: Vega, Strike!

Blast Phase – Cooldown 1
4 energy per enemy or ally hit
Rectangle attack (through walls) ending in 3×3 square
Moves Vega to the target tile, dealing 10 damage to enemies on its way and healing allies for 10.

3: Cosmic Guardian

Prep Phase – Cooldown 4
9 energy on cast, plus 3 per ally hit
Cone, 7-range, 30 degrees, from each of Chloe and Vega
Shoots a defensive cone that shields allies for 30. Vega fires a similar cone that shields allies for 18. These stack – allies hit by both cones are shielded for 48. Additionally, allies hit by either cone gain Unstoppable this turn.

4: Reverse Orbit

Dash Phase – Cooldown 5
10 energy on cast, plus 2 per enemy hit by Vega’s extra attack
Self-targeted Teleport: automatically swaps, no max range
Chloe and Vega switch places during Dash Phase. Vega deals an additional 18 damage to enemies below it upon arriving at Chloe’s position (plus the base 10 damage from Chloe’s passive).

Ultimate: Supernova

Blast Phase
Costs 100 Energy

Chloe recalls Vega to her current position. Vega goes supernova on the journey, increasing to a 5×5 size, dealing 30 damage to enemies hit and Slowing them, and healing allies hit (and Chloe) for 30.

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