-Pendara- Role: Hybrid – Firepower/Support – HP: 120

Gameplay: Pendara is a hybrid Firepower with supportive capabilities. Her supportive abilities only do effective healing and shielding while in combat, letting her be at her best when her team’s in the fray. Her offensive abilities let her work around walls easily, staying in the backline while poking out the enemies or assassinating an enemy trying to hide just behind a wall.

Lore: The lore for the characters is currently far from finalized and is subject to change, with only minimal details given as a precaution. Pendara is themed as a huntress out for blood, from either the Fantasy or Steampunk theming group.

[Passive: Blood and Glory] – Pendara reduces her cooldowns by 2 and gains 20 energy whenever she participates in a takedown of an enemy Farseer.

[Primary: Crimson Arrow] – Blast Phase
Fires an arrow that bends through the air, dealing 28 damage to an enemy. Pendara can change the arrow’s trajectory in a second targeting segment. Gain 12 Energy on hit.

[2: Shield of Khita] – Prep Phase, 3 CD
Infuses the power of a hunting goddess into an arrow, creating a pulse at the target 3×3 area that Weakens enemies and Shields allies for 25. The impact leaves behind Echoes of Khita, which Shield allies for 20 next turn in the same area. Gain 6 Energy per enemy hit and 6 Energy per ally hit.

[3: Blood Mark] – Prep Phase, Free Action, 4 CD
Marks a target as the team’s prey until the end of the turn. Attacks from Pendara or her allies deal 5 bonus damage and heal the attacker for 15. These effects can only activate once per ally with each use of Blood Mark. Additionally, if the targeted enemy is below 50% of their maximum HP during the Decision Phase, they are Revealed until end of the next Decision Phase. Gain 6 Energy on cast.

[4: Aerial Shot] – Dash Phase, 4 CD
Performs a short dodge roll up to 2 range before loosing a Crimson Arrow (her primary). Pendara can move after using this ability. Gain 12 Energy on hit.

[Ult: Huntress Snare] – Blast Phase, 100 Energy
Rains down a hail of arrows in two long segments, dealing 30 damage to all enemies hit and Rooting them. Ignores Cover and walls.

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