Firepower – 120 HP
“The Sniper”

Don’t let the weird steampunk garb fool you. Regulator is the world’s deadliest sniper. She excels from extremely long range and has one of the potentially most-damaging single-target primaries in the game. The escapes she has often require some foresight to use since they revolve around laying down smoke or running far away, but she can be elusive if the enemies lack CC or vision tools.

Only the faintest of sounds could be heard from the smoke as a single bullet whistled by the Senator’s ears, cleanly dropping the bodyguards on either side of her. Two birds, one stone, she thought with a dry, macabre chuckle as the initial shock subsided. Only one marksman could accomplish that. And another bullet could easily have found her throat. Someone had paid good money to take her alive.

Passive: In My Sights

Regulator’s direct attacks deal 12 additional damage if the target is 5 or more tiles away.

Primary: Rifle Shot

Primary: Rifle Shot

Blast PhaseNo Cooldown
12 energy on hit
10.4 Range

Fires a long-range shot from Regulator’s rifle, dealing 26 damage to an enemy. (38 with passive.)

2: Smoke Bombs

Prep PhaseFree ActionCooldown 3
5 energy for casting
5.4 range; two bombs, each a 2×2 area

Throw 2 smoke cloud grenades that block enemy line of sight. Smoke lasts until the end of next turn. Regulator gains Haste this turn.

3: Watch Your Step

Prep Phase – Cooldown 3
12 energy on first enemy hit
9.4 range

Sets up a laser drone that fires at all enemies that pass through its tripwire beam, dealing 30 damage to each enemy that passes through. Lasts until the end of next turn unless an enemy triggers it. 

4: Skateboard Shot

Blast Phase – Cooldown 5
10 energy for first enemy hit; 6 energy for other enemies hit
8.2 range; 1.2 radius circle

Fires a shot that explodes at the end of its range or upon hitting an enemy, dealing 20 damage (32 with passive) to all enemies hit. Regulator makes a getaway on her hoverboard, allowing her Full Movement this turn (as if Sprinting). 

Ultimate: Exterminate

Blast Phase 
Costs 100 energy 
15 Range

Regulator fires a powerful beam that travels up to 15 range, passing through enemies and walls alike. Deals 42 damage to the first enemy hit (54 with passive) and an additional 15% damage to any subsequent enemies hit (48, or 62 with passive). (Cover half-effective: reduces damage by 25%.)

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