Firepower – 120 HP
“The Demolitionist”

“One man’s trash is another man’s deadly explosive”

Scrapper is an AoE-focused Firepower with the ability to sustain himself from the damage he deals, as well as several means of working around walls via grenades or his dash.

Passive: Salvage

When Scrapper hits more than one enemy with a single ability, he reduces all of his cooldowns by a number of turns equal to the number of additional opponents he hit (beyond the first). (So if you hit 3 opponents, -2 on your cooldowns. If you hit only 1, no change.)

Primary: Scattergun

Blast PhaseNo Cooldown
8 energy per enemy hit
6 range; variable cone

Fires a spread of buckshot, dealing 30 damage to all enemies hit. The distance and width of the shot are adjustable, with the cone getting thinner the farther the shot goes (2-range 120-degrees, to 6-range 20-degrees).

2: Hot Cross Bun

Blast PhaseCooldown 3
8 energy per enemy hit
Cross shape; 5-length by 5-width; through walls

Lobs a specialized grenade at the target location, exploding in a cross pattern. Deals 30 damage to all enemies hit, ignoring cover.

3: Repurpose

Prep Phase – Free Action – Cooldown 5
5 energy for casting

Scrapper will repurpose metal, etc. shredded from enemies this turn, healing himself for 50% of the damage he deals this turn.

4: BB Dash

Dash Phase – Cooldown 6
8 energy per enemy hit
5-range slide

Dives to the target location, then takes a shot with the Scattergun ability, dealing 30 damage.

Ultimate: Magnet Bomb

Blast Phase 
Costs 100 energy 
6 range; 5×5 area; bonus damage in the central 5 squares (+ shape)

Throws a magnetic grenade that explodes, dealing 40 damage to enemies in the center area and 32 damage to enemies on the edges. The subsequent magnetic implosion pulls (Knocks) all enemies hit towards the center of the grenade. Cover half-effective, based on center of explosion.

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