Firepower – 125 HP
“The Eye of the Storm”

“Just stand still, and we’ll see if lightning strikes the same place twice.”

Tasha is a mixed-range Firepower who has the means to perform well both up close with good trades and from afar with clever use of her abilities. Her damage is at its highest up close, but she can keep herself safer from far away by sniping the opponents with lightning and zoning them with a thunderstorm.

Passive: Lightning Storm

During Blast Phase, Tasha deals 7 damage to enemies within 3+1 of her (requires line of sight). Gain 2 Energy per enemy hit.

Primary: Thunderclap

Blast PhaseNo Cooldown
9 energy for first enemy hit; 4 energy for other enemies hit
5.75 line (does not pierce); 140 degree cone

Fires off a bolt of electricity while the booming thunder creates a shockwave in a close-range cone. Each part of the attack deals 26 damage, or 34 damage if they overlap.

2: Lightning Bolt

Blast PhaseCooldown 2
8 energy per enemy hit
approx. 8.4 range; 5 segments

Creates an arcing bolt of lightning, dealing 30 damage to all enemies hit. The direction and angle of the 5 segments can be customized with a single click.

3: Shock and Awe

Prep Phase – Cooldown 4
6 energy for casting; 6 per enemy damaged
Target ally or self; 7+2

Conjures an electric field around Tasha or a targeted ally, granting 20 shields this turn and causing Tasha’s Lightning Storm to trigger a second time, around the target, during Blast Phase. If the target takes 20 or more damage, the field supercharges and will deal 24 damage to all enemies within 2+1 of the target during next turn’s Blast Phase.

4: Gathering Storm

Blast Phase – Cooldown 4
6 Energy per enemy hit by either portion
6.5 range; 0.8 radius circle

Calls down a storm front, dealing 20 damage in its center and 16 on the outer edges (ignores cover). Next turn, Tasha calls the storm back to her during Blast Phase, dealing 26 damage to all enemies in its path and Slowing them.

Ultimate: Zip

Dash Phase 
Costs 30 Energy + 5 per distance you wish to travel
1-14 range Slide

Move like lightning while surrounded with electricity, dashing and dealing 25 damage to all enemies hit. The maximum range is capped based on what Tasha can afford with her current Energy.

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