Firepower – 130 HP
“The Supervillain”

Za warudo!

A combo assassin that balances getting up close and personal with the occasional flurry of knives from afar. Most notable for gaining additional hits with his attacks after successfully shielding, and making all of his abilities Free Actions during his ultimate.

Passive: Vampiric

When Xio deals damage to an enemy, he heals himself for 4. This can activate once per enemy for each ability used.

Primary: Muda Muda

Blast Phase – No Cooldown
Gain 10 energy for first enemy hit, 8 for subsequent
Twin cones, 45 degrees and 2.8 range

Unleashes two short-range punches, dealing 30 direct damage to all enemies hit. Enemies hit by both punches take an additional 4 damage.
Muda Muda Muda Muda: With Supervillain buff active, Xio punches four times instead. The two added punches have 1 additional range, and enemies hit by any punch are Rooted.

2: Time Walk

Dash Phase – CD 4
Gain 10 energy on use
Self-targeted; dash depends on movement

Xio stops time, having his Movement for the turn take place in the Dash Phase instead. Allows for full movement (subject to Haste, Slow, etc.). Enemies that Xio walks through take 20 indirect damage.

3: Knives Enthusiast

Blast Phase – CD 1
Gain 10 energy for first enemy hit, 2 for subsequent
7 range line attack x3, at up to a 120-degree maximum spread

Throws 3 knives in a fan, dealing 24 damage to all enemies hit. Enemies hit by multiple knives take 3 additional damage per knife beyond the first.
Flurry of Knives: With Supervillain buff active, Xio throws 7 knives instead and Slows all enemies hit.

4: Supervillain

Prep Phase – CD 3
Gain 5 energy on use, plus 5 if effect triggers


Xio gains 25 Shields. Allows for full movement. If Xio takes direct damage this turn, Muda Muda and Knives Enthusiast will be enhanced with time manipulation powers, gaining bonus hits and effects next turn.

Ultimate: Toki Wo Tomare

Prep Phase – Free Action
Costs 100 Energy

All of Xio’s abilities become Free Actions this turn, and Muda Muda and Knives Enthusiast gain the effects of Supervillain. (However, Movement is restricted to half despite the free actions.)

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