-Zaej- – Role: Support – HP: 130

Gameplay: A traditional Support that focuses on healing allies while damaging enemies, as well as some additional effects while Energized.

Lore: The lore for the characters is currently far from finalized and is subject to change, with minimal details made public as a precaution. We will provide as much detail as we are able for the moment. Zaej is part of the Sci-Fi theme, with ionic and atomic powers.

[Passive: Energy Infusion] – When Zaej heals an ally or herself with her abilities, the healed target gains 3 Energy.

[Primary: Ion Stream] – Blast Phase
Sends a stream of ions in a targeted direction, dealing 20 damage to all enemies hit and healing all allies hit for 10. If Zaej is Energized, the damage and healing are increased by 6 and 3, respectively. Gain 2 Energy per ally hit and 6 Energy per enemy hit.

[2: Radiation Cloud] – Blast Phase, 3 CD
Throws two small clouds of radiation that last until the end of the next turn. Enemies that enter them take 18 damage. Allies that enter them are healed for 6, and if Zaej enters one, she additionally gains Energized until the end of the next turn. Gain 8 Energy for each enemy hit.

[3: Ionic Burst] – Prep Phase, 4 CD
Heals yourself or a targeted ally for 20 and grants the target Unstoppable. If Zaej did not target herself, she is healed for 8. All healing from this ability is increased by 50% if Zaej is Energized.

[4: Electron Transfer] – Prep Phase, Free Action, 5 CD
Weakens enemies in an area this turn. If at least one enemy was hit, Zaej gains Energized until the end of the turn. Gain 4 Energy per enemy hit.

[Ult: Atom Splitter] – Blast Phase, 100 Energy
Zaej splits an atom, creating two beams of potent energy that pierce walls and Ignore Cover. The first deals 26 damage to all enemies hit. The second heals Zaej and all allies hit for 20, plus 6 additional healing for each enemy hit by the first beam.

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