Frontline – 160 HP
“The Enforcer”

Faction: Unitech

Krakk is a bruiser that likes to get up close and personal, with a few tricks to sustain himself and dive in. One of the simplest frontlines, but efficient and effective, and has relatively short cooldowns.

Passive: Regenetics

Krakk activates genetic enhancements when he falls below 50% of his max HP, regenerating 5 HP per turn.

Primary: Crush

Blast PhaseNo Cooldown
10 energy for first enemy hit, 4 for subsequent
Overlapping cones, 3 max range
Pulverizes enemies in front of Krakk, dealing 26 damage to all enemies hit. The attack has two punches, each with variable width and range but targeted together. Enemies hit by both reticles take 30 damage instead.

2: Driveby

Dash PhaseCooldown 3
15 energy per enemy hit
Slide5 range
Dashes up to 5 range, unleashing a sliding haymaker that deals 24 damage to all enemies hit.

3: Genetic Augments

Prep Phase – Cooldown 4 – Free Action
5 energy on cast
Stirs up Krakk’s augments. Over the next 2 turns, his body regenerates, healing him for 80% of the damage he takes this turn.

4: Kick Their Ass

Blast Phase – Cooldown 3
8 energy for first enemy hit, 6 for subsequent
Line attack, 6 range
Kicks up a wave of energy, dealing 24 damage to the first enemy hit and Rooting them. Any subsequent enemies hit take 75% of the damage dealt to the initial target (and are not Rooted).

5: Juggernaut

Prep/Blast Phase
Costs 100 Energy
Creates a radius-3 destructive aura around Krakk that Shields him for 20 (Prep Phase) and deals 30 damage to all nearby enemies (Blast Phase), as well as granting Krakk Haste and Unstoppable this turn. The shields and damage around him also occur on each of the next 2 turns, though the damage on these turns is only 20 and the shields are only 15.

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