Support – 160 HP
“The Paladin”

“Aris and her damned Coven are a plague upon this earth. One I shall soon cleanse.”
Faction: Vermilion Sky

Mtuku is a hybrid Support who boasts more massive bulk than the norm, allowing him to heal allies on the front lines rather than forcing him to the rear. He’s notable for the ability to provide allies cover, and his staple heal scales with their injuries to have one of the highest healing potentials of any ability in the game. While not a true frontline and lacking CC, Mtuku can get into the fray, and does have powerful and far-reaching Root capabilities on his Ult.

Passive: Strength of the Righteous

Mtuku’s heals benefit from the Might buff (i.e., 25% increased healing). (This is in addition to the usual 25% increase to damage provided by Might.)

Primary: Axe of Grim Justice

Blast Phase – No Cooldown
10 energy for first enemy hit; 6 for subsequent
3.4-range attack with axe heads splitting to the sides up to 1.4 each
Brings down Mtuku’s axe to rend the earth, dealing 28 damage to enemies in the axehead shockwave’s reticle and 24 damage to enemies in the shaft’s reticle. Gain Haste this turn.

2: Twilight’s Blessing

Prep Phase – Cooldown 4
Gain 10 energy on use
Targets self or ally, 8+1
Heals Mtuku and a target ally for 25. (Mtuku may target himself with this ability, though will not receive any additional healing.) The healing for each target is increased by 5 for every 25% of the target’s max HP missing (up to a maximum of 40 base healing if the target is below 25%).

3: Aegis of Mercy

Prep Phase – Free Action – Cooldown 2
Gain 5 energy on use
Targets self or ally, 8+1
Grants Mtuku or a targeted ally Cover in a chosen direction this turn. If Mtuku targeted an ally with this ability, Mtuku gains 12 Shields.

4: Holy Cross

Blast Phase – Cooldown 3
Gain 8 energy per enemy hit; 2 energy per ally hit
6.5-length in all four directions, goes through walls

Lets the light surge forth in a cross shape, dealing 20 damage to all enemies hit and healing all allies hit for 16. Mtuku does not heal himself, but does gain 12 shields on the turn this is cast. Ignores walls, but respects Cover.

Ultimate: Cleansing Wrath

Prep-Blast Phase
Costs 100 energy
Self-targeted; automatically hits allies

Heals Mtuku and each of his allies (wherever they are) for 12 and grants them Unstoppable. During the Blast Phase, Mtuku invokes the sun’s wrath, sending a beam from each ally’s position to Mtuku. These beams each deal 18 damage (ignores Cover) to all enemies hit and Root them. Damage from multiple beams fully stacks.

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