-Omikron- Role: Firepower – HP: 120

Gameplay: A predictive Firepower specialized in delayed attacks and carefully positioned beams, gaining bonus damage for landing multiple hits on an enemy in a single turn. He’s capable of working around walls as well, and his ultimate embodies both of these key features as it lays down a deadly zone of control for next turn.

Lore: The lore for the characters is currently far from finalized and is subject to change, with minimal details given as a precaution. Omikron’s theming group is Sci-Fi and he is a lazer bot, though no further details are available

[Passive: Double Trouble]
Omikron presses his advantage with continuous fire, dealing 15 bonus (indirect, cover-ignoring) damage to any enemy he hits twice in a single turn.

[Primary: Echo Blast] – Blast Phase
Fires off a beam that deals 30 damage to all enemies hit. Next turn, the beam echoes, damaging the area it targeted again for 15 damage to all enemies hit. Gain 9 Energy for the first enemy hit and 6 Energy for all subsequent enemies hit.

[2: Dural Sphere] – Blast Phase, 3 CD
Throws the Dural Sphere, a specialized grenade that can bounce off of walls, dealing 30 damage to all enemies hit in a small blast. If you hit only one enemy, it is Slowed. Gain 8 Energy per enemy hit.

[3: Laser Face] – Prep Phase, Free Action, 3 CD
Targets a directional angle and activates a laser on Omikron’s face. Next turn, during Blast Phase, the laser will fire a wide beam from Omikron’s current position at the (relative) directional angle initially targeted. The beam ignores Walls, but respects Cover. Gain 5 Energy on cast.

[4: Power Slide] – Dash Phase, 4 CD
Dash up to 4 range and throw a Dural Sphere from your landing spot. Gain 8 Energy per enemy hit.

[Ult: Laser Turret] – Prep Phase, Free Action, 100 Energy
Sets down a large laser drone to prepare to fire a huge beam that goes through walls. The drone fires next turn during Blast Phase, dealing 50 damage to all enemies in its path, ignoring walls and Cover.

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