Firepower – 120 HP
“The Laserbot”

Faction: RCF

A predictive Firepower specialized in delayed attacks and carefully positioned beams, gaining bonus damage for landing multiple hits on an enemy in a single turn. He’s capable of working around walls as well, and his ultimate embodies both of these key features as it lays down a deadly zone of control for next turn.

Passive: Double Trouble

Omikron deals a bonus 15 (indirect, cover-ignoring) damage to any enemy he hits twice in a single turn. (Subsequent hits on that enemy in the same turn do not trigger this again.)

Primary: Echo Blast

Blast PhaseNo Cooldown
9 energy for first enemy hit; 6 energy for other enemies hit
7.4 range 

Fires a beam that deals 30 direct damage to all enemies hit. Next turn, the beam echoes, hitting the same area for 15 indirect damage.

2: Dural Sphere

Blast PhaseCooldown 3
8 energy per enemy hit
6.4 range (+1 range if bounces off wall); 1.2 radius circle explosion

Throws the Dural Sphere, a specialized grenade that can bounce off of walls, dealing 30 direct damage to all enemies hit in a small blast. If you hit only one enemy, it is Slowed.

3: Laser Face

Prep Phase – Free Action – Cooldown 3
5 energy for casting
7.4 range

Targets a directional angle and activates a laser on Omikron’s face. Next turn, during Blast Phase, the laser will fire a wide beam from Omikron’s current position at the (relative) directional angle initially targeted. The beam deals 20 damage; it goes through walls, but respects Cover.

4: Power Slide

Dash Phase – Cooldown 4
8 energy per enemy hit
4.5 range slide

Dash and throw a Dural Sphere from your landing spot. The Sphere is identical to Omikron’s Dural Sphere ability, dealing 30 damage, except that it fires in dash phase and does not Slow enemies. Omikron may move after dashing but is Slowed.

Ultimate: Laser Turret

Prep Phase Free Action
Costs 100 energy 
9.4 range 

Sets down a large laser drone preparing to fire a huge beam that goes through walls. The drone fires next turn during Blast Phase, dealing 50 damage to all enemies in its path, ignoring walls and Cover.

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