-Ursula- Role: Firepower – HP: 140

Gameplay: A bulky Firepower that uses said bulk to compensate for her lack of a dash. She intends to stay put while encouraging the enemy team to do the same with area suppression tools such as AoE and traps, and a beam Ult that persists into the Movement Phase. She also takes less damage while herself in Cover.

Lore: The lore for the characters is currently far from finalized and is subject to change, with minimal details given as a precaution. Ursula’s theming group is not finalized yet.

[Passive: Hunkered Down]
Ursula reduces incoming damage by an additional 25% after Cover reduction, if she has Cover against the attack.

[Primary: Minigun] – Blast Phase
Fires a barrage of 7 bullets. Enemies hit by a bullet take 10 damage, plus 5 for each additional bullet hitting them. Bullets do not pierce unless Simoon is active.

[2: Lockdown Zone] – Prep Phase, 4 CD
Lays down a 4×4 square zone to be put under lockdown. Ursula deals 35 indirect damage to any enemy who enters the Zone and Reveals them. However, enemies already in the Lockdown Zone when it is cast are unaffected. Gain 4 Energy on cast, and 8 Energy for each enemy hit.

[3: Simoon] – Prep Phase, 4 CD, Free Action
Your Minigun bullets pierce enemies this turn, and all damage you deal will Slow enemies hit. (Note: This is supposed to be 3 CD but I guess I didn’t change it.) Gain 6 energy on cast.

[4: Chaos Shield] – Prep Phase, 4 CD
Ursula gains 40 Shields and Fortified (all Shields last an additional turn) for the turn. If she is dealt direct damage this turn, the attacker will be Scrambled next turn (can only use Primary and Catalysts). Allows full movement. Gain 8 Energy on cast.

[Ult: The Showstopper] – Blast Phase, 50 Energy
Brace for the ultimate in laser cannon ordnance, an intense beam that deals 45 direct damage to all enemies in a line. The beam persists into the Movement Phase and deals indirect damage to enemies who pass through it (though it cannot damage the same enemy more than once each turn). Ursula can spend 20 Energy on subsequent turns to maintain the beam, and may sweep it up to 75 degrees to her left or right as her active ability. The damage of the beam is increased by 5 each turn it is maintained. On any turn in which Ursula casts or maintains the beam, she cannot move, but also cannot be affected by knockbacks.

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