-Ezmi- Role: Hybrid – Firepower/Support – HP: 120

Gameplay: Ezmi has one of the most capable primaries in the game, with long range and a generous explosion hitbox. She takes advantage of this by healing allies with every shot she lands, and has a well-rounded support kit to go with it. She can put out both solid damage and solid support, and is flexible enough to fit almost any team comp.

Lore: The lore for the characters is currently far from finalized and is subject to change, with only minimal details given as a precaution. Ezmi is Steampunk themed.

[Passive: Field Medic]
Whenever Ezmi damages an enemy, she heals all allies within 5 radius (but not herself) for 6 hit points. This happens per instance of damage, and per enemy target hit.

[Primary: Bazuki] – Blast Phase
Fires her trademark bazooka blast, with her nanobots at the ready to steal enemy life-force with Field Medic. Deals 30 damage to a target hit by the main shot, and 20 damage in a small-to-medium explosion after hitting a target, wall or max range.

[2: Trifecta] – Prep/Blast Phase, 3 CD
Ezmi delivers 3 shots, one at a time, however you wish to aim them. Each shot shields allies for 18 and/or damages enemies for 18. (Each shot will pierce allies hit, but not enemies.) Additional hits on the same target add +6 shielding or +6 damage.

[3: Molten Core] – Prep Phase, 4 CD, Free Action
Shields an ally for 10 with a core of molten metal. If they take any direct damage, the core will explode around them, dealing 15 damage to any enemies within 3+2. (These hits trigger Field Medic.)

[4: Blatm Maneuver] – Dash Phase, 5 CD
Dash up to _____ range, dealing 1 (not a typo) damage to enemies along the path in a generous AoE and Weakening them for the turn.

[Ult: Emergency Steambots] – Prep Phase, 50 Energy, Free Action
Heals the target for 18, and causes them to benefit an additional time this turn from any triggers of Field Medic regardless of the target’s range from Ezmi. Ezmi may use this on herself.

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