Firepower – 130 HP
“The Shadow Beast”

A mysterious Other with a taste for human flesh.

Haka is all about stealth, relying on his shadows to remain unseen and deadly. A largely melee firepower with little defensive capabilities, Haka must find ways to be elusive or be destroyed — but his damage output, stealth and assassination capabilities are among the best, and staying unseen enables him to steal back health.

Passive: From the Shadows

Haka deals 6 bonus damage and gains 25% lifesteal if he is unseen by any enemies at the beginning of the turn.

Primary: Shadow Clawz

Blast PhaseNo Cooldown
12 energy for first enemy hit, 8 for subsequent
3 range cone and 2 range cone from sides, each 120 degrees
Haka swipes around him in two short, fat cones. His right claw reaches 3 range; his left only 2. Enemies hit take 30 damage, or 34 if both claws hit.

2: Call Forth Darkness

Prep Phase – Free Action – Cooldown 3
5 energy on cast
3×3 and 2×2 square, targeted at 7/6 range respectively
Throws two Smoke bombs at the target areas. Haka’s right claw creates a 3×3 square; his left only a 2×2. Smoke lasts until end of next turn.

3: Lights Out

Blast Phase – Cooldown 3
10 energy on hit
6 range line
Hurls shadow in a line, dealing 24 damage to the first enemy hit and Rooting it. Creates a single Smoke tile on that enemy’s location until end of turn (does not last through next decision phase).

4: Permeating Shadows

Blast Phase – Cooldown 2
8 energy per enemy hit
5-range 60-degree cone, through walls
Haka deals 26 damage to enemies in a cone (may hit through walls).

Ultimate: Shadowbeast Unleashed

Dash Phase
Costs 100 energy
Radius 2 circle targeted up to 7 range away
Haka leaps to the target area and unleashes a vicious attack in a targeted circle. Deals 40 damage to enemies hit and heals Haka for 10 per enemy hit. Haka may move after dashing. The ability creates Smoke on all tiles hit by the circle AoE, lasting until end of turn.

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