Frontline – 150 HP
“The Gladiator”

“I’ll show you who’s the boss in this gym.”
Faction: Surge

A fighter in slave pits turned resistance leader, Imuchin has learned how to survive, whatever the cost. His whips tear enemy flesh and restore health to himself. He is particularly deadly when adjacent to an enemy. Overall, he is relatively tanky, quite damaging, and a formidable threat in a 1v1 or team fight alike.

Passive: Swipe

At the end of each Knockback phase (immediately after Blast Phase), Imuchin swipes enemies around him, hitting adjacent enemies (orthogonal and diagonal). The attack deals 10 indirect damage to each enemy hit and heals Imuchin for an amount equal to the damage dealt.

Primary: Take It Boy

Blast PhaseNo Cooldown
10 energy for first enemy hit; 6 for subsequent
Two cones of 4 range, 20 degrees
Slashes with the whips in twin cones, dealing 22 damage to enemies hit, or 28 if they are hit by both whips.

2: Maybe A Little Oil

Dash Phase – Cooldown 4
8 energy per enemy hit
5-range Slide
Imuchin slides through enemies, dealing 10 damage to all enemies passed through and Slowing them until end of turn.

3: Oh Shit I’m Sorry

Blast Phase – Cooldown 2
14 energy on hitting an enemy
6-range line attack (does not pierce)
Throws some weird thing that deals 28 damage to the first enemy hit. If Imuchin hits, he will gain 10 shields next turn. Imuchin also gains Haste this turn, whether or not the attack connects.

4: Whiplash

Prep Phase – Free Action – Cooldown 3
5 energy on cast
Self-targeted; reaction strike hits 3+2
Imuchin gains 15 shields, or 40 if this is his only action this turn. The first time (if any) that Imuchin takes any direct damage this turn, he will lash out, dealing 10 damage in a circle around him of radius 3, and healing himself for all damage dealt.

Ultimate: Get Your Asses Back Here Please

Blast Phase
Costs 100 energy

270-degree arc, hits circle of 4+1, 3+2
Imuchin swings his whip an arc, dealing 30 damage to enemies hit and dragging them back to him during Knockback phase (after which he will Swipe them if they are adjacent to him).

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