Frontline – 155 HP
The Monk

Faction: Vermilion Sky

Juliette combines mobility and shielding to be a versatile and dangerous fighter, as well as a solid defensive tank. Clever use of her abilities is critical: in particular, Crystal Mind for cooldown reduction.

Passive: Move Like The Wind

For each square Juliette moves, she gains 1 shield at the beginning of next turn.

Primary: Bo Staff

Blast Phase – No Cooldown
9 energy for first enemy hit; 6 for subsequent
4 range line (forward and backward) or radius-2 circle
Juliette smacks enemies with her Bo Staff, or performs a circular sweep, depending on the targeter (close mouse = circular sweep). Deals 25 damage to any enemies hit.

2: World Circle

Dash Phase – CD 5
9 energy per enemy hit
Three 3.5-range slides, but cannot leave 5-radius circle
Juliette performs a smooth sequence of 3 short dashes in a connected path, dealing 25 damage to any enemies hit along her path. Each dash has up to 3.5 range, but Juliette cannot travel more than 5 range from her starting position.

3: Crystal Mind

Prep Phase – Free Action – CD 3
Gain 6 energy on use
Gain 35 shields. If Juliette takes 35 or more damage this turn, all of her cooldowns will be reduced by 1 at the end of the turn (including this one).

4: Rainbow Arc

Prep –> Next Turn Blast Phase – CD 4
9 energy per enemy hit
Create 1-thickness arc at target radius to hit next turn
Juliette prepares a circle around her at the selected radius (between 1 and 6). She may full move this turn. During Blast Phase of the following turn, Juliette will perform a spinning roundhouse or staff strike during Blast Phase at the determined radius, dealing 24 damage to any enemies hit and Rooting them.

Ultimate: Fortress

Blast Phase
Costs 100 Energy
5×5 square centered up to 3 range from Juliette

Raise walls from the ground in a 5×5 square. Walls last until the end of the following turn and provide cover to Juliette and her allies. Additionally, Weaken all enemies in the 5×5 square during Prep Phase of the initial turn, and deal 25 damage to them during Blast Phase (32 damage to enemies in the central 3×3).

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