Support – 135 HP
“The DJ”

“That’s my photograph, and this is my phonograph.”
Faction: Surge

Leonhardt is an unconventional support, all about giving buffs to his allies. His healing and shielding capabilities, while better than they look at first glance, can’t keep up with many supports. But it’s all about the intangibles. In addition to being offered Might, Energize and free powerups, any allies Leonhardt supports gain Amplified for the turn, increasing the effect of their buffs by 50%.

Passive: Dulcet Tones

Any ally healed or shielded by Leonhardt (though not himself) gains Amplified for the turn, increasing the effect of their other buffs by 50%. (This affects not only Might, Haste, Energize and Heal-Over-Time, but also things like Enrage, Vampirism, and a number of others.)

Primary: Tonic Staccato

Blast Phase – No Cooldown
Gain 6 energy per enemy hit
Circle target of 0.65 radius, center of 0.25, centered up to 5.6 range away
Leonhardt strikes a small circle. Enemies in the center of the circle take 20 damage, and other enemies hit take 16 damage. If Leonhardt hits any enemies with this attack, he reduces the cooldowns of his abilities by 1.

2: War Song

Prep –> Blast Phase – Cooldown 4
Gain 8 energy on use
Targets self or ally (8+1)
Grant self or target ally 8 shields and Might this turn. During Blast Phase, deal 18 damage to enemies around the target in a 2+1. Enemies hit are Weakened next turn.

3: Charged Beat

Prep Phase – Cooldown 3
Gain 6 energy per ally hit
7.4-range cone, 35-degree angle
Shoots a defensive cone that shields allies for 10. Next turn, the allies that were hit will gain another 10 shields and also gain Energized. Additionally, any powerup spawn locations hit by the cone will immediately spawn a minor powerup (of the spawn’s appropriate type) that can be collected by Leonhardt’s team only.

4: Encore

Prep Phase – Free Action – Cooldown 5
Gain 8 energy on use
Targets self or ally (traditional 8+1 support range)
Leonhardt gives his ally (or himself) a big hand, healing them for 12 plus an additional 6 for each Might, Haste or Energize buff on the target. Any of these buffs on the target will also have their duration extended by 1. If Leonhardt targeted an ally, he will also heal himself for an amount equal to half of the total healing to the ally.

Ultimate: Phonograph Solo Live

Prep Phase
Costs 100 Energy

Targets self or ally (8+1)
Target ally (or self) gains 80 shields, Haste and Unstoppable this turn. Next turn, a massive sonic wave will emanate from the target, dealing 24 damage to nearby enemies (3+1). If the target took at least 40 damage during the initial turn, an additional wave emanates from them dealing an additional 12 damage and slowing enemies hit.

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