-Woodlock- Role: Firepower – HP: 120

Gameplay: Woodlock is one of the shiftiest characters in the game, and, despite his poor HP pool, is very hard to kill thanks to his dashes, passive shielding, and ability to shoot around walls. He has a versatile kit that is good for beginners and skilled players alike.

Lore: The lore for the characters is currently far from finalized and is subject to change, with only minimal details given as a precaution. Woodlock is a fence that sells goods between the Steampunk trash wastes and the Sci Fi cities.

[Passive: Tricky Guy]
Woodlock gains 5 shields at the beginning of each turn if he did not take damage the previous turn.

[Primary: Trick Shot] – Blast Phase
Woodlock fires a pistol blast that can bounce off of walls up to twice. The blast deals 32 damage, increasing by 2 each bounce to a maximum of 36. The shot has 7 initial range, increasing to 9 if it bounces. The bounces can allow it to avoid walls or cover. Gain 10 energy if you hit an enemy.

[2: Spray and Pray] – Blast Phase, 3 CD
Woodlock lights ’em up! Deals 30 damage to enemies in a 60-degree cone. Gain 8 energy per target hit.

[3: Trapwire] – Prep Phase, 5 CD
Woodlock’s homemade wire trap. Throws a small cross-shaped trap at the target spot, hitting any enemies that pass through it. The trap lasts up to 2 turns if no enemies trigger it on the first turn. The trap may be thrown through walls. Deals 30 damage to any enemies that pass through it. Gain 10 energy per target hit.

[4: Backup Plan] – Dash Phase, 6 CD
Dash out of trouble with a smile and a wink. Also gain 15 shields and Fortified, which causes your shields to persist into the following turn.

[Ult: Run and Gun] – Dash Phase, 100 Energy
Dash in a line, dealing 40 damage to any enemies hit.

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