-Yuri- – Role: Firepower – HP: 120

Gameplay: A long-ranged archer with cover-ignoring support fire. Deals more damage when focusing enemies near his teammates, and can shoot over walls. Has some reveal capabilities as well. Very versatile, but his only dash is his ultimate, so be careful.

Lore: The lore for the characters is currently far from finalized and is subject to change, with minimal details made public as a precaution. We will provide as much detail as we are able for the moment. Little is known about Yuri at present.

[Passive: Covering Fire] – Yuri’s attacks (other than his ultimate) deal bonus damage (to enemies) if allies are also in the targeter. +8 for one ally, and +4 for each additional ally.

[Primary: Hail of Arrows] – Blast Phase
Fires a barrage of arrows over walls and cover, dealing 26 damage to enemies in an X shape. 8 maximum range. No minimum range, but deals 4 less damage to enemies within 3+1 (“deadzone”). Gain 9 energy for the first target hit, and 7 energy per additional target hit.

[2: Fan Fire] – Blast Phase, 3 CD
Blasts enemies in an arc (area between two cones) in a 1.5-thickness band at variable range between 3 and 8. Deals 26 damage to enemies hit and Slows them. Gain 10 Energy for each enemy hit.

[3: Panache and Flare] – Blast Phase, 4 CD
Yuri fires a seeking drone to Reveal all enemies in its path, dealing 20 damage and ending in a 3×3 square. Yuri also gains vision of the 3×3 square, and may full move on the turn he uses this. Next turn a barrage of arrows will strike the 3×3 square, dealing 20 damage to enemies in it and 35 damage to the central tile.

[4: Fish In A Barrel] – Prep Phase, Free Action, 4 CD
It’s like shooting fish in a barrel for Yuri. Blinds enemies in a target circle, reducing their vision to 1 until end of turn. A zone remains on the ground for this turn and next, increasing Yuri’s damage by +8 (only +4 in deadzone).

[Ult: Crystal Vial] – Dash Phase, 100 Energy
Throws two crystal vials at the ground. One propels Yuri to safety during Dash Phase (3-8 range, vertical). The other causes an explosion during Knockback phase (end of Blast), dealing 30 damage to enemies in a 3+1 and knocking them back 1 square.

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