Firepower – 120 HP
“The Blind Archer”

“I can’t see shit.”

Passive: Hearing Not Seeing

Yuri cannot see (0 vision radius) and must rely on his allies for vision. (although Yuri can see enemies that are Revealed). However, Yuri can hear any enemies within 5+2 / 4+4 (same as standard vision radius), even if they are invisible or behind a wall.

Hearing an enemy means that an visual arrow (visible only to Yuri and his team) will be created at Yuri’s position pointing in the relative direction of the enemy (rounded to the nearest 22.5 degrees – for example, North-North-West). No information is provided about distance or which enemy it is. An arrow is visible and updates in real time as long as the enemy is within range.

Primary: Hail of Arrows

Blast Phase – No Cooldown
Gain 10 energy per enemy hit
X shape; through walls; center must be targeted within 8

Fires a barrage of arrows dealing 28 damage to enemies in an X shape (ignores walls and cover). No minimum range, but enemies within 3+1 of Yuri are within his “deadzone” and take only 20 damage. Yuri also benefits from a spotter: the attack deals 5 additional damage for each ally within the targeting reticle.

2: Fan Fire

Blast Phase – CD 3
Gain 8 energy per enemy hit
Arc of 1.5 thickness; 90 deg. at 3.5 (min) range to 45 deg. at 9 (max) range

Ignores walls and cover

Fires arrows at enemies in a target arc, hitting a 1.5-thickness band at the chosen range (ignores walls and cover). Deals 30 damage, ignoring cover.

3: Panache and Flare

Blast Phase – CD 4
Gain 10 energy per enemy hit
Delayed strike in 5×5 area, 9 range, through walls

Yuri targets a special flare on the chosen 5×5, Revealing all enemies in the area and gaining vision of those tiles until end of next decision phase. (These effects work for Yuri notwithstanding his Blindness.) Next turn a barrage of arrows will strike the 5×5 square during Blast Phase, dealing 30 damage to outer enemies, 45 damage to inner enemies, and 60 damage to the central tile. Ignores walls and cover.

4: Heightened Senses

Prep Phase – Free Action – CD 2
Gain 4 energy on use

Yuri concentrates on his hearing, enabling him to perceive enemies and the battlefield more easily. He gains Haste this turn, and doubles the range of his passive hearing until end of next decision phase.

Ultimate: Crystal Vial

Dash Phase
Costs 100 Energy
3-8 range Jump/Teleport, hits enemies in 3+1 around takeoff point

Throws two crystal vials at the ground. One propels Yuri to safety during Dash Phase. The other explodes dealing 30 damage to enemies in a 3+1 of Yuri’s takeoff point and knocking them back 1 square during Knockback phase.

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