Firepower (Hybrid), 120 hp
“Archmage of the Elements”

Elemental archmage. Leader of the Coven.

A unique character that lacks ordinary cooldowns, Aris must carefully manage her abilities to ensure she has the right options at any given moment. She may tailor her passive effects and the bonuses on her ultimate based on combinations of elements, but cannot cast an elemental ability twice until all four have been used.

Passive: Elemental Mastery

Aris’s abilities do not cool-down normally. Each ability becomes unavailable after it is used, but grants its respective Element (see below for the passive bonuses conveyed by each element). When Aris has all 4 elements, she loses all bonuses and resets her cooldowns. All of Aris’s abilities are treated as “Primary” for purposes of Scramble.

Water: Your other non-ultimate abilities Slow.
Fire: Your other non-ultimate abilities deal +4 damage.
Earth: Gain 5 shields at the beginning of each turn.
Air: You have Haste.

Primary (1): Water Surges In Streams

Blast Phase Special Cooldown Mechanic
10 energy for first enemy hit, 8 for subsequent
Cone, 6 range, angle varies between 15-90 degrees
Cone attack. Damage ranges from 26 to 34, increasing as the cone gets narrower (higher water pressure). Gain Water.

Primary (2): Fire Burns Everything

Blast PhaseSpecial Cooldown Mechanic
7 energy for each enemy hit
1×5 AoE wall trap at 6 range, plus 3×3 AoE around caster
Lays down a wall of flame (1×5) at the target spot and (click a second time) in the target direction. Aris also burns a 3×3 area around her. Flames last until the end of next turn and deal 24 damage to enemies stepping in them. Gain Fire.

Primary (3): Earthen Armor

Prep PhaseSpecial Cooldown Mechanic
8 energy on cast
Gain 35 shields and Unstoppable this turn. Enemies that deal direct damage to you take 16 damage. Gain Earth.

Primary (4): Air Gusts of Wind

Prep PhaseSpecial Cooldown Mechanic
8 energy per enemy hit
Line, 7 range, through walls
Deals 20 damage to enemies in a line (goes through walls). Enemies hit are Weakened next turn. Gain Air.

Ultimate: Unleash the Elements

Blast Phase
Costs 100 Energy
3×3 area of effect, 7 cast range – one for each element you have
Unleash elemental blasts (1 for each active element you have, or 1 if you have no elements). Each blast deals 36 damage to enemies in a 3×3 area. Each blast gains bonus effects for its element. You are refunded 60 energy if you use this with no elements, reduced by 20 for each element you have.

Water: Root enemies hit.
Fire: Burns the tiles hit for 2 turns.
Earth: Heal allies for 16.
Air: Deal 4 additional damage, and may be cast through walls.

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