Frontline – 145 HP
“The Predator”

Good ranged options and ability to mess with enemy healing, but defensive options are limited if she doesn’t predict enemy healers. Thrives on predicting enemies and exploiting their vulnerabilities.

Passive: Terrifying

If an enemy does not deal direct damage to Vex on their turn (or if the enemy walks through her Web), they become Afraid of Vex for the following turn. Vex’s direct damage and Web damage are increased by 10 on enemies that are Afraid.

Primary: Vicious Predator

Blast PhaseNo Cooldown
12 energy for first enemy hit; 4 for other enemies hit
6.65 range line (non-pierce but through walls). Attack also hits adjacent tiles.

Vex slashes with her claws, hitting adjacent enemies for 18 and firing a spike in a line that may travel through walls and hits the first enemy in the line for 14. The spike deals 24 damage instead if the enemy is within 2 of Vex.

2: Devastate

Dash PhaseCooldown 4
8 energy per enemy hit
8-range slide; may go through a wall once; 2.5-radius half-circle hit

Vex dashes in a line (up until max range, bursting through wall, or hitting enemy – she may not choose to stop early). At the end of her dash, she deals 24 direct damage to enemies in a half-circle and Slows them.

3: Parasite

Prep Phase – Cooldown 4
6 energy for casting, plus 6 for each enemy hit by burst
8 range; target an enemy

Target an enemy.  Any heals they cast this turn will be only 50% effective, and Vex will steal the other 50% healing for herself. Next turn, the parasite mutates: if the enemy takes any direct damage, the parasite will burst, dealing 20 indirect damage to the target and enemies within radius 2 and Slowing them.

4: Razor Carapace

Prep Phase – Free Action – Cooldown 4
5 energy for casting

Vex gains 10 shields and returns 50% of the direct damage she takes this turn to the attacker.  (Vex still takes 100% of the damage from the attack. Return damage is indirect.)

Ultimate: Web Wall

Prep Phase 
Costs 100 energy 
7 cast range; 7-length wall

Vex creates a Web at the target location, forming a wall that lasts 2 turns.  Enemies passing through the Web take 30 indirect damage (increased if Afraid), are immediately Rooted, and are Weakened until the end of next turn. Enemies passing through the Web automatically become Afraid of Vex next turn.

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