-Vex- – Role: Frontline – HP: 140

Gameplay: A frontline that requires some devious play. Has good ranged options and ability to mess with enemy healing, but defensive options are limited if she doesn’t predict enemy healers. Thrives on predicting enemies and exploiting their vulnerabilities.

Lore: The lore for the characters is currently far from finalized and is subject to change, with minimal details made public as a precaution. We will provide as much detail as we are able for the moment. A genetic mutant produced by Unitech. Psychopathic killer.

[Passive: Terrifying]
Whenever Vex deals direct damage to an enemy, or deals damage with her Ultimate, she deals +10 damage if the enemy did not damage her last turn (they are “afraid” of Vex).

[Primary: Vicious Predator] – Blast Phase
6 range attack that deals 18 direct damage to the first target hit (does not Pierce). May go through walls, however! Deals 24 damage (instead of 18) if the enemy hit is within 2 squares of Vex.

[2: Devastate] – Dash Phase, 4 CD
Vex dashes in a line and may burst through a wall. At the end of her dash, she deals 24 direct damage to enemies in a half-circle and Slows them.

[3: Parasite] – Prep Phase, 4 CD
Target an enemy. Any time that enemy heals self or teammates this turn, Vex heals for an equal amount.  Next turn, if the enemy takes any direct damage, the parasite will burst, dealing 20 indirect damage to the target and enemies within radius 2 and Slowing them.

[4: Razor Carapace] – Prep Phase, Free Action, 4 CD
Vex returns (as indirect damage) 50% of the direct damage she receives this turn to the enemy dealing the damage.  (Vex still takes 100% of the damage.)

[Ult: Web Wall] – Prep Phase, 100 Energy
Vex creates a 7-length wall of webs at the target location.  The wall lasts 2 turns.  Enemies passing through the wall take 24 indirect damage (increased by Terrifying if applicable), are immediately Rooted, and are Weakened until the end of next turn.  They are also automatically afraid of Vex on the following turn (i.e., Terrifying is active).

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