-Rahayu- – Role: Firepower – HP: 120

Gameplay: A classic firepower with some heavy plasma ordnance, Rahayu is all about power attacks and stacking up Plasma on enemies for bonus damage.

Lore: The lore for the characters is currently far from finalized and is subject to change, with minimal details made public as a precaution. We will provide as much detail as we are able for the moment. Don’t call me a hero.

[Passive: Plasma Overload]
When Rahayu damages enemies, she adds a Plasma stack to them (and refreshes existing stacks). The stack lasts 2 additional turns, unless refreshed. If an enemy’s stacks reach 3, they are immediately reset to 0 and Rahayu deals 15 indirect damage to the enemy.

[Primary: Plasma Cannon] – Blast Phase
5.5 range attack that splits in two at max range or on hitting a wall (traveling another 3 in both directions, at right angles from the main). The main attack deals 30 damage to the first enemy hit and 15 to subsequent enemies; upon splitting, the sides also each deal 15.

[2: Heat Wave] – Blast Phase, 3 CD
Fires a customizable sine wave attack that ignores walls and cover, dealing 27 damage to enemies hit and Revealing them. 8 range. May instead be targeted as a radius-4 circle around Rahayu instead — move mouse in close to her.

[3: Plasma Shield] – Prep Phase, Free Action, 2 CD
Self or target ally gains 10 shields, and enemies who deal direct damage to the target this turn get a Plasma stack. If you targeted an ally, their direct attacks will also apply Plasma this turn.

[4: Heroic Engagement] – Dash Phase, 3 CD
Must target an enemy with Plasma stacks. Dash to the enemy (up to 9 range), landing within 3 range. May go through walls. Upon landing, fire a Plasma Cannon in the direction of your choice.

[Ult: Incinerate] – Blast Phase, 100 energy
Targets an 8-range 60-degree cone, marking the tiles of enemies initially in the cone for heavy ordnance. During Blast Phase, fire a heavy plasma beam at each such tile, dealing 36 damage to enemies hit (cover 25% effective). Enemies may be hit by additional beams if in their path (beams travel 9 range) and take an additional 9 damage for each additional beam hitting them. Each beam applies Plasma separately.

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