Firepower – 120 HP
“The Flames of Justice”

“Those Unitech bastards will pay for what they did.”

A classic firepower and bold vigilante with some heavy plasma ordnance, Rahayu is all about power attacks and stacking up Plasma on enemies for bonus damage.

Passive: Plasma Overload

When Rahayu damages enemies, she adds a Plasma stack to them (and refreshes any existing stacks). The stack lasts 2 additional turns, unless refreshed. If an enemy’s stacks reach 3, they are immediately consumed (reset to 0) and Rahayu deals 20 indirect damage to the enemy.

Primary: Plasma Cannon

Blast PhaseNo Cooldown
10 energy for first enemy hit; 6 energy for other enemies hit
5.5 range main; 3 range after split

Beam that deals 30 direct damage to the first enemy hit (if any). This main beam splits in two at max range or upon hitting an enemy or wall. After split (at right angles in both directions from the main beam), smaller beams travel 3 range. Each side beam pierces, dealing 16 damage to each enemy hit.

2: Heat Wave

Blast PhaseCooldown 3
11 energy for each enemy hit
8 range sine wave or 4-radius circle

Fires a customizable sine wave attack that ignores walls, dealing 27 damage to enemies hit and Revealing them. May instead be targeted as a radius-4 circle around Rahayu — move mouse in close to her. The circle does not go through walls, and deals 23 damage.

3: Plasma Shield

Phase – Free Action – Cooldown 2
5 energy for casting
Target ally or self; 8+1

Self or target ally gains 10 shields, and enemies who deal direct damage to the target this turn get a Plasma stack. If you targeted an ally, their direct attacks will also apply Plasma this turn.

4: Heroic Engagement

Dash Phase – Cooldown 3
10 energy for first enemy hit; 6 energy for other enemies hit
9.4 range slide; targets specific enemy and lands within 3

Must target an enemy with Plasma stacks. Dash to the enemy (up to 9 range), landing within 3 range. May go through walls. Upon landing, fire a Plasma Cannon in the direction of your choice.

Ultimate: Incinerate

Blast Phase 
Costs 100 energy 
8-range, 60-degree cone 

Immediately after Decision Phase, this ability marks the tiles of any enemies in the cone for heavy ordnance. During Blast Phase, fire a heavy plasma beam at each such tile (whether or not there is still an enemy there), dealing 40 damage to enemies hit (cover half-effective). Beams travel 9 range and pierce; enemies may be hit by additional beams if in their path and take an extra 25% (i.e., 10) damage for each additional beam hitting them. Each beam applies Plasma separately.


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