-Quorlon- – Role: Frontline – HP: 150

Gameplay: Able to generate large amounts of shielding from his passive, Quorlon is a behemoth that may be difficult for the enemy to bring down. Couple that with his ability to guard his allies and Root his enemies, and you may not mind his lack of mobility.

Lore: The lore for the characters is currently far from finalized and is subject to change, with minimal details made public as a precaution. We will provide as much detail as we are able for the moment. A man with a self-made suit of scrap metal and vines. Quorlon is quiet and keeps to himself.

Passive: Rampant Recycling

Whenever Quorlon takes HP damage, he gains 50% of that as shields next turn. Quorlon’s abilities may also make a Seed on certain tiles. If Quorlon ends his turn on a Seed, he will consume it for 5 health. If Quorlon does not have an active Seed at end of Blast Phase, he will create one at his current position. All Seeds last 2 turns after their creation.

Primary: Vine Lash

Blast PhaseNo Cooldown
8 energy per enemy hit
5.65 range line, chains to enemies and Seeds within 3+1

Vine lash that chains to enemies and Seeds in a 3+1. Vine deals 24 damage. //Seeds hit by the initial lash (pre-chain) or directly underneath an enemy will sprout, dealing +6 damage and Rooting enemies in a 3×3. (x)//

2: Bramble Bombs

Blast PhaseCooldown 1

7 energy per enemy hit

5.65 range line; 1.2 radius circle

Quorlon fires 3 20-damage bramble bombs exploding in a small area of effect for 15 damage. Enemies hit by multiple bombs take an additional 4 damage per bomb. The center of each explosion will do one of two things. If there is a Seed, it will be consumed and enemies hit by the explosion will be Slowed. If there is not, a Seed will be created there. The 2 outer bombs have 2 less range. (x)

3: Reinforced Trunk

Prep Phase – Free Action – Cooldown 3

6 energy for casting


Quorlon gains 20 shields, Unstoppable, and Fortified (his shields will persist through the turn) this turn. If Quorlon does not use his Vine Lash or Bramble Bombs this turn, the shields gained are increased to 30.

4: Fending Trellis

Prep Phase – Cooldown 4

10 energy for casting

Ally; 7+2

Quorlon gains 10 shields and guards an ally. Quorlon takes 75% of the damage that ally would take this turn (the ally takes only 25%). Create a Seed at your position and at the target’s position. If there was a seed there already, consume it first to heal that target for 5.

Ultimate: Combustion

Prep Phase –> Blast Phase

Costs 100 energy 

 4.4 radius Circle

Quorlon gains 50 shields at the beginning of the turn. At the end of Blast Phase, Quorlon combusts any shields he has remaining, dealing 100% of that amount as damage in a 4+2 AoE, and healing himself and allies in the AoE for 10 health. Any Seeds in the AoE are consumed and the healing is increased by 5 per Seed consumed. All enemies hit are rooted, and adjacent enemies are knocked back 2 squares.

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