Support – 130 HP
“The Prismatic”

“No one is really sure of my gender, even with the beard. Use whatever pronouns you like.”

Gameplay: A solid support for beginners and experts alike, Wenifrey has high shielding potential for allies, utility and map control. Some careful positioning from teammates may be required to maximize Wenifrey’s effectiveness.

Passive: Rejuvenating Light

Whenever you heal or shield an ally (not self), also heal yourself for 4.

Primary: Prism

Blast Phase – No Cooldown
Gain 8 energy per enemy hit, and 4 per ally hit

7-range beam, splits on hit to yield two 5-range beams at 60-degree angles.

Wenifrey fires a beam that splits upon contact with an ally or enemy (healing the ally for 10 or damaging the enemy for 20, depending). The split beams continue at 60-degree angles (forming a perfect Y), and also deal 20 damage or provide 10 healing. If an ally was hit by the initial beam, the additional beams will only hit enemies, and vice versa.

2: Illuminating Ray

Prep Phase – CD 4
6 energy on cast, plus 6 per enemy hit
10-range cone at 22-degree angle, through walls

Shoots a ray of light in a cone, Weakening enemies hit and granting vision of all tiles hit until end of next turn. At the beginning of next turn, any allies (including Wenifrey) that are in the beam gain 30 shields.

3: Radiant Escutcheon

Prep Phase – CD 3
Gain 8 energy on cast, plus 4 when a shielded ally is directly damaged
Target ally or self, standard support range (8), choose up to 2 targets

Wenifrey shields a target ally (or self) for 30 and shields another target ally (or self) for 20. Wenifrey may use both on the same target to shield for 40. Whenever the shielded ally or allies take direct damage this turn, Wenifrey gains 4 energy (may occur max of once per enemy for each shielded ally).

4: Diffraction

Prep Phase – Free Action – CD 4
Gain 6 energy on cast
Target ally or self, standard support range (8)
; effect applies within 6 of target

Target ally (or self) gains 10 shields. 50% of any direct damage dealt to the target this turn is diffracted into healing for Wenifrey’s teammates within 6 radius of the target. Diffracted healing is split evenly among all allies (other than the target) within that range. (The target still receives the damage, and will not receive any of the diffracted healing, which will accordingly be wasted if there is no other ally in range to receive it.)

Ultimate: Reflection Perfection

Blast Phase
Costs 100 energy
8 range beam, may bounce up to 4 times, +2 range per bounce

Wenifrey fires an 8-range beam that pierces enemies and allies alike, dealing 24 damage or healing for 24, respectively. The beam may bounce off walls up to 4 times, gaining +2 range and +4 damage/healing with each bounce. Wenifrey may not be hit by the beam.

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