Firepower – 120 HP
The Galaxy Brain”

He came from outer space. Is he the promised Messiah?

Galactos is one of the most challenging characters in the game, requiring incredible foresight to play effectively. His signature ability permanently marks tiles for special bonuses that increase in potency in future turns.

Passive: Galaxy Brain

Celestial Tiles: Created by Galactos’s 2nd ability, these tiles have a Star Value displayed in Magenta which starts at 1 and increments every turn up to 10. After reaching 10, a tile will lose its Celestial status the next time it increments unless reset (note: a tile may go above 10 but be reset to a lower value before end of turn, in which case the tile will remain Celestial). Galactos receives two passive bonuses from Celestial Tiles:

Nebula: If Galactos ends his turn on a Celestial Tile, he gains 3 times the Star Value as Shields to begin the next turn, but resets the Star Value of the tile to 1 (incrementing to 2).

Star Charged: If Galactos begins his turn N squares away (counting entirely orthogonally) from a Celestial Tile of Star Value N, he gains N bonus damage on his attacks that turn. (Only applies to the highest such N — multiple qualifying tiles do not stack.)

Primary: Shooting Star

Blast Phase – No Cooldown
12 energy for hitting an enemy; 4 for additional enemies hit
Line attack, 7 range, piercing. May jump if hits Celestial Tile; after jump, beam hits through walls.
Target a tile up to 7+1 range away. Shoots a star beam at this tile, dealing 30 damage to enemies hit. If the target tile is a Celestial Tile, the beam will jump to the nearest other Celestial Tile within range 5+1 (if any). After jump, the beam may go through walls and deals damage equal to 30 plus Star Value of the tile it jumped from. The beam may only jump once, and may only damage each enemy once.
(Note regarding jumps: if two eligible tiles are equidistant, jump will prioritize the first tile that is counterclockwise from its currently targeted angle.)

2: The Celestial Tile

Prep Phase – Free Action – CD 1 – Has 3 Charges
Gain 5 energy on cast
Target a tile within 9+2; may not target Powerup Spawners
Galactos transforms a target (non-Celestial) tile into a Celestial Tile of Star Value 1. Alternatively, he may target a pre-existing Celestial Tile to add 3 to its Star Value, in which case the charge spent is refunded at end of turn.

3: Dark Matter

Blast PhaseCD 3
8 energy per enemy hit
3×3 AoE around target tile within 7 range, through walls
(5×5 AoE if targeted tile is Celestial)
Deal 25 damage in a 3×3 around the target tile, through walls. If the targeted (center) tile is a Celestial Tile, the attack deals bonus damage equal to the tile’s Star Value and increase the area hit to 5×5, then reset the tile to Star Value 2.

4: Warp

Dash Phase – CD 4
10 energy on cast
Jump/Teleport to a target Celestial Tile within 8 range, through walls
Teleport to a target Celestial Tile and increase its Star Value by 2.

Ultimate: Constellation

Blast Phase
Costs 100 energy
Target a Celestial Tile within 8 range, through walls
Fire a beam at target Celestial Tile, dealing 25 damage to enemies hit in a line. The beam jumps from there to the nearest other Celestial Tile within 7+1 range, and continues jumping to Celestial Tiles within 7+1 to form a Constellation, until there is no Celestial Tile within range or it has hit 7 Celestial Tiles, at which point it travels back to Galactos. Each time it jumps, the beam’s damage increases by 5. An enemy may be hit by the attack only once.

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