Firepower – 120 HP
“The Anarchist”

“Remind me what part of your problem is my problem?”
Faction: Mercenaries

Lilvana is one of the simplest firepowers: Point and shoot. Rinse and repeat. She exemplifies the basics of the game: solid positioning, good target choice and decision-making, and general mechanics.

Passive: Shootout Winner

Lilvana’s attacks deal +4 damage if she is in Cover (from any direction).

Primary: Shoot Your Shot

Blast PhaseNo Cooldown
Gain 12 energy if you hit an enemy
Classic 7.4-range line attack, doesn’t pierce
Fire a bullet in a line, dealing 30 damage. If you hit an enemy, gain 5 shields next turn.

2: Boom Goes The Dynamite

Blast Phase – Cooldown 3
Gain 8 energy per enemy hit
4×4 square, with 2×2 inner square, up to 6 range away
Throws an explosive over walls, dealing 24 damage in a 4×4. Deals 28 to the central 4 squares. Ignores cover.

3: Hostage Situation

Prep Phase – Cooldown 4
Gain 12 energy if the bomb triggers
7.7-range line, doesn’t pierce
Lilvana hits the first enemy in a line with a bomb that will explode if they move more than 2 squares in any direction (i.e., if or when they leave the 5×5 box centered at their current position). The bomb deals 30 indirect damage to the enemy and any other enemies adjacent to them at the point of exit, and leaves that 3×3 ground area burning through the following turn, dealing 15 damage.

4: Quick Getaway

Dash Phase – Cooldown 4
Gain 10 energy on use
5.4-range Slide
Dash in a line. Gain Haste next turn.

Ultimate: Three For The Price Of One

Blast Phase
Costs 100 energy

9.4-length line, x3. May be targeted in any combination of directions.
Lilvana unloads 3 massive bursts, each hitting a fairly thick line of 9 range. Each deals 35 damage (+5 for each additional burst hitting the same target), and pierces, dealing 80% damage to subsequent enemies. The 3 shots each have a bonus effect: The first blast, RED, reveals enemies hit. The second blast, BLACK, roots enemies hit. The third blast, WHITE, goes through walls and ignores cover. (The other two blasts have the typical cover mechanic of ultimates where their damage is reduced by 25% only.)

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