Support – 125 HP
“The Doom Seer”

An Other, twisted by an artifact and cursed with visions of the future — not all of which are true. A better word might be “hallucinations.”

Nephrys is a unique healing-centric support with two key aspects (which are related): increased damage and healing on the following turn if Nephrys is damaged, and a kit that rewards ability to think ahead a turn or two.

Passive: Feed the Void

Nephrys’s abilities gain 8 bonus damage and healing if Nephrys took damage last turn.

Primary: Twin Fates

Blast PhaseNo Cooldown
6 energy per enemy hit; 2 energy per ally hit.
4 range line forking into two 30-degree cones of 3.2 radius

Fire a bolt in a line up to 4 range, which then forks into two cones of up to 3 range. This attack may hit allies or enemies, dealing 8 direct damage (ignores cover) or healing for 1 and marking targets hit. Next turn marked enemies will take 4 damage (unless they’re invisible) and marked allies will heal for 1. If Nephrys hits at least 1 enemy with the cast, he will also heal himself for 1 and apply a mark to himself.

2: Prophecy

Prep PhaseCooldown 3
10 energy for casting
Targets self or ally; 8+1 range

Target self or ally and grant it Unstoppable and 20 shields. Heal the target for 12 this turn and again next turn. These amounts are halved (10 shields and 6 healing) if cast on self.

Blast Phase – Cooldown 4
8 energy per enemy hit; 4 energy per ally hit
(10 energy for casting Path of Destiny)
7.4 range line
(10-range teleport adjacent to Chained target)

3: Chains of Destiny.
Target an ally or enemy to deal 18 damage or heal for 12. The ability will jump to other enemies or allies within 4 range, dealing damage or healing as applicable (may bounce to Nephrys as well).  All targets hit (other than self) are marked with Chained.  Next turn (only), Nephrys gains Path of Destiny (full action) in this ability slot, which he may use to dash to a square next to a marked enemy or ally, dealing 18 damage or healing for 12.  Nephrys may move after dashing but is Slowed.  If you do not use Path of Destiny, reduce the cooldown by 1.

4: Fate Transfer

Prep Phase – Free Action – Cooldown 3
5 Energy for casting
Targets ally; 8+1 range

Target an ally.  Nephrys takes 25% of the damage that ally would take this turn, and that ally receives 50% of any heals Nephrys would receive this turn.

Ultimate: The Hourglass

Blast Phase 
Costs 100 energy 
Two 90 degree cones of range 5.7 

Fire cones in both directions to form an hourglass shape. The cone towards the mouse (red) deals 30 damage and heals allies for 15.  The opposite cone (green) deals 15 damage and heals allies for 30. The ability also heals Nephrys for 10.

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