Month: June 2020


-Flufflesocket- HP: 145 – Role: Frontline/Firepower hybrid Gameplay: Flufflesocket is prone to malfunctions, which Scramble him the following turn if he takes too much damage. However, he has a strong kit that emphasizes moving your body! Lore: The lore for the characters is currently far from finalized and is subject to change, with minimal details given …

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MEBSSupport – 130 HP“Mechanized Energy Beam Support” MEEEEEBS ON THE RUN!Faction: RCF MEBS, or Mechanized Energy Beam Support, has a number of useful through-walls tools providing healing and shielding, and an emergency button to get out of dodge. One of the more elusive supports if played well. Passive: Robotripping If MEBS moves 5 or more …

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DelphiniaFrontline – 150 HP“The Avenger” An icy valkyrie hell-bent on destroying the Vermilion Sky.Faction: Coven Delphinia’s gameplay is characterized by strong crowd control and self-shields. Difficult to kill and able to lock down enemies, she struggles only with dealing damage herself and must generally have teammates provide the heavy fire to take down her foes. …

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