Frontline – 150 HP
“The Avenger”

An icy valkyrie hell-bent on destroying the Vermilion Sky.
Faction: Coven

Delphinia’s gameplay is characterized by strong crowd control and self-shields. Difficult to kill and able to lock down enemies, she struggles only with dealing damage herself and must generally have teammates provide the heavy fire to take down her foes. If she body-blocks with her dash, however, she gets a second dash that allows her to dish out the punishment befitting her title.

Passive: Frostbite

Whenever Delphinia deals direct damage to an enemy, she applies a Frostbite stack that lasts until end of next turn unless refreshed. If an enemy reaches 3 Frostbite stacks, the stacks are consumed and the enemy is immediately Rooted.

Blast Phase – No Cooldown
12 energy per enemy hit
Reverse-cone spear stab, 4 range
Stabs in a line, dealing 24 damage. If this ability is not used, it will charge up in power for its next use up to twice, first gaining an extra stab in the opposite direction, then gaining two additional stabs at right angles for a total of four. (All stabs deal 24 damage.)

Dash Phase – Cooldown 4
10 energy on cast
Slide – 7 range, hits in a 2+1 around landing spot
Delphinia dashes to a spot, dealing 10 damage around her and gaining 30 shields. If (and only if) she takes direct damage, she may use Avenging Wrath next turn (and only next turn) – a Slide that deals 30 damage in a 2+1 around the landing spot and Slows. The cooldown runs from whenever she last dashed (i.e., if Avenging Wrath is used, the 4 turns will start only then).

3: Stab First, Get Vengeance Later

Blast Phase – Cooldown 3
12 energy per enemy hit
Reverse-cone wide spear stab, 7 range
Stab up to 7 range, dealing 15 damage, or 25 if the enemies are within 4 range. Delphinia gains 15 shields next turn for each enemy hit.

4: Cold As Ice

Prep Phase – Free Action – Cooldown 4
6 energy on cast
Delphinia gains 10 shields, plus an additional 10 for each enemy that dealt her direct damage last turn. Her abilities will apply an additional Frostbite stack this turn to enemies hit.

Ultimate: Spear to the Face

Blast Phase
Costs 100 energy
Line targeter, 7 range plus 2 after the first bounce, bounces up to twice

Delphinia hurls a spear that may ricochet up to 2 times off walls. It deals 26 damage to the first enemy hit and knocks it back up to 3 squares (may customize distance with mouse input). Damage increases by 4 per bounce.

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