-Flufflesocket- HP: 145 – Role: Frontline/Firepower hybrid

Gameplay: Flufflesocket is prone to malfunctions, which Scramble him the following turn if he takes too much damage. However, he has a strong kit that emphasizes moving your body!

Lore: The lore for the characters is currently far from finalized and is subject to change, with minimal details given as a precaution. Flufflesocket is the best robot ever and his cousin Rufflebucket loves him a lot.

[Passive: Malfunction!]
Flufflesocket malfunctions if he takes 40 or more damage in a turn (even if absorbed by shields). This results in his being Scrambled next turn (cannot use abilities other than Primary). Malfunction cannot trigger on consecutive turns.

[Primary: Socket Rocket] – Blast Phase
Fires a blast that travels up to 5 range or until it hits an enemy, and explodes in a small area (half damage). Deals 25 damage, or 30 if Flufflesocket is Scrambled. Additionally, if there are no visible enemies in the targeter, Flufflesocket gains 25 shields during Prep Phase. Gain 10 energy for first enemy hit, 5 for additional.

[2: The Fluffle Shuffle] – Dash Phase, 5 CD
Fluffle does a dash, bouncing 3 times. Deals 23 damage in a 3×3 area around each landing point and slows enemies hit. Gain 7 energy per enemy hit.

[3: Smack Attack That Knocks You Back] – Blast Phase, 4 CD
Smacks a nearby enemy (2 range), knocking them back until they hit a wall. Deals 20 base damage, plus 2 damage per distance the enemy travels. Gain 10 energy on hit.

[4: Hard Reboot] – Prep Phase, Free Action, 3 CD
At end of turn, Flufflesocket gains 10 health and dispels all negative status effects from himself (including Scramble if he Malfunctioned this turn). Gain 5 energy on cast.

[Ult: Flufflesocket's Dance Party] – Dash Phase, 100 Energy
Flufflesocket dashes around the map like a pinball. Specifically, he dashes in a line until he reaches a wall, then repeats this twice. Deals 25 damage to enemies passed through and shield allies passed through for 25.

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