Support – 130 HP
“Mechanized Energy Beam Support”

Faction: RCF

MEBS, or Mechanized Energy Beam Support, has a number of useful through-walls tools providing healing and shielding, and an emergency button to get out of dodge. One of the more elusive supports if played well.

Passive: Robotripping

If MEBS moves 5 or more squares from its origin point during a turn, its next Defibrillate will be a free action.

Primary: Battery

Blast Phase – No Cooldown
Gain 10 energy per enemy hit
Twin beams, 7.2-range. Up to a 15 degree angle between them.
MEBS fires its twin cannons in a tight pair of parallel laser beams that each deal 16 damage. If both beams hit a target, the damage is 22. The beams may hit through walls, but deal only 50% damage.

2: Defibrillate

Prep Phase – Cooldown 2
Gain 10 energy on use
Targets self or ally (8+1)
MEBS’s staple healing ability. Heals self or a target ally for 12, plus another 12 if the target was at or below 50% health during Decision Phase. Also grants the target Energized next turn.

3: Dother Wave

Prep Phase – Cooldown 3
Gain 10 energy on use, plus 5 per enemy hit
Targets ally (not self), up to 14 range and through walls. Shields decrease after range 6.
MEBS shields an ally up to 14 range away. The shield has a base strength of 40, but decreases by 5 for each distance away the target is beyond 6. Sends a blast back to MEBS during blast phase, dealing 24 damage to enemies hit.

4: MEBBEA Lazer

Blast Phase – Cooldown 4
Gain 10 energy per enemy hit, 5 energy per ally hit
8.4 range beam that can go through walls. Remains as a trap.
Fires a beam that may pierce walls. The beam deals 24 damage to enemies hit and heals allies for 20. Additionally, the beam remains as a trap through movement phase and may hit allies or enemies then. However, MEBS is Super Rooted (unstoppable but cannot move this turn).

Ultimate: Emergency Button / Emergency Aid
Blast Phase
Costs 50 / 100 Energy
Self-targeted / targets a 5×5 diamond at global range

Emergency Button: If MEBS has less than 100 energy, this ability is the Emergency Button. Emergency Button costs 50 energy. It grants MEBS shields equal to 75% of its missing health. It also grants MEBS Haste this turn and allows full movement.
Emergency Aid: If MEBS has 100 energy, it cannot use Emergency Button. Rather, the ability is replaced by Emergency Aid, a global supply drop that deals 25 damage to enemies in a diamond shape and heals allies for 20. If the center tile of the diamond is unoccupied, it will spawn a Major Healing Powerup for MEBS’s team.

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