Month: July 2020


NadiaSupport – 140 HP“The Sensei” Faction: UnknownCould she be the ancient teacher of Xio and Juliette? A shorter-range high-utility support that relies on dashing in and out of the fray and making key use of her trap-and-cover fence. Her ultimate can deny enemy supports the ability to do their job. Passive: Cleansing Whenever Nadia heals …

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ChaddingtonFrontline – 180 HP“The Bear” Faction: Mercenaries Chaddington (or Chad to his friends) is an aggressive tank that has some capabilities to endure a bruising but mostly relies on dishing it out, with a mix of crowd control and enemy-tracking. Passive: Bear the Brunt If Chad takes more than 30 damage in a turn, he …

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IzzineFirepower – 120 HP“The Assassin” A deadly killer with poisons to prevent enemy healing.Faction: Unitech Izzine relies on stealth to strike hard, and on her debilitating poisons to prevent the enemy from healing back up easily. She somewhat lacks area damage, but her individual strikes hit hard and she can slip away before the enemy …

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