Firepower – 120 HP
“The Assassin”

A deadly killer with poisons to prevent enemy healing.
Faction: Unitech

Izzine relies on stealth to strike hard, and on her debilitating poisons to prevent the enemy from healing back up easily. She somewhat lacks area damage, but her individual strikes hit hard and she can slip away before the enemy knows what hit them. A good Izzine feels like a cat toying with its prey.

Passive: Debilitating Toxins

Izzine’s damaging attacks leave poison on the enemy next turn that reduces their healing received by 25%.

Primary: Knife Runner

Blast Phase – No Cooldown
13 energy for first enemy hit; none for subsequent
6.5-range line, +3.5 range off wall

Throws a precise and deadly knife that travels up to 6.5 range. The knife deals 36 damage and may pierce up to once for 50% damage. Additionally, if the knife hits a wall, it will rebound perpendicular to the wall (different from normal bounces). If it does, it will gain +3.5 range in addition to whatever it had remaining, but will deal 6 less damage (30, or 12 for piercing hit).

2: Ambush

Prep Phase – CD 3
Gain 8 energy on use
Turn invisible (can move up to 4 squares) and gain +2 sight radius until end of next decision phase. Next turn, your attacks have +2 range. Gain Might until end of next turn.

3: Scorpion Sting

Prep Phase – CD 4
10 energy for first enemy hit; 5 for subsequent
7.4 range line, pierce and through walls
Long-range line attack that goes through walls. Does not deal damage, but Slows and Weakens enemies hit, and reduces their healing received this turn by 99%. Izzine gains Haste this turn.

4: Slither Out

Dash Phase – CD 4
Gain 8 energy on use
4.4-range Slide (but through walls)
Dash a short distance, and may dash through walls.

Ultimate: Stalker’s Blade

Blast Phase
Costs 100 Energy
8.4 range line attack (does not pierce)
Throws a tracking knife that deals 40 damage to the first enemy hit and Reveals it until end of next decision phase. Izzine will throw another knife at the enemy’s current location (as of end of decision phase) next turn, also dealing 40 damage. The second knife has no maximum range and will travel as far as the enemy’s distance from Izzine (and a minimum of 8, piercing the enemy if they are closer than that), traveling through walls and piercing all enemies hit. Both knives do 75% damage through cover (instead of the usual 50%).

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