Frontline – 180 HP
“The Bear”

Faction: Mercenaries

Chaddington (or Chad to his friends) is an aggressive tank that has some capabilities to endure a bruising but mostly relies on dishing it out, with a mix of crowd control and enemy-tracking.

Passive: Bear the Brunt

If Chad takes more than 30 damage in a turn, he will regenerate 3 hit points at the end of the turn for each 10 damage in excess of 30 (rounded up).

Primary: Bear Paw

Blast PhaseNo Cooldown
8 energy per enemy hit
Special bear-paw-shaped targeter hitting up to 3+2
Chad strikes with his paw, dealing 28 damage to enemies hit. The tips of the claws deal only 18 damage, but ignore Cover.

2: Guard the Cubs

Dash Phase – Cooldown 6
9 energy per enemy hit
12-range line dash with 2+1 area hit
Dashes in a line until reaching an enemy, ally or wall. Upon stopping, deal 24 damage and slow enemies in a 2+1 area around you, and shield any allies in the area for 12. Cooldown is reduced by 2 if you hit an enemy, and by 1 if you hit only an ally.

3: Rawr

Prep Phase – Cooldown 4
8 energy per enemy hit
Cone, 4-length, 90 degrees
Chad rawrs, intimidating his foes in a length-4 cone. Enemies hit are Weakened until end of turn and Revealed until end of next decision phase. Additionally, these enemies are marked – if Chad damages them next turn, he will deal +15 damage to them. Chad gains Haste this turn.

4: Maul

Blast Phase – Cooldown 4
8 energy per enemy hit
Line targeter, piercing, 5 range
Chad launches enemies in a line, knocking them back up to 4 squares (customize distance with mouse). Deals 16 damage to enemies hit, and Chad heals for 8 for each enemy hit.

Ultimate: Barbearian Slam

Blast Phase
Costs 100 Energy
Cone, 6-length, angle between 30 and 240 degrees
Chad slams the ground in a variable cone around him. The cone deals between 25 and 35 damage, depending on the angle (smaller angle = more damage), and Slows enemies hit. Enemies within 3 distance of Chad take an additional 10 damage and are Rooted.

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