Support – 140 HP
“The Sensei”

Faction: Unknown
Could she be the ancient teacher of Xio and Juliette?

A shorter-range high-utility support that relies on dashing in and out of the fray and making key use of her trap-and-cover fence. Her ultimate can deny enemy supports the ability to do their job.

Passive: Cleansing

Whenever Nadia heals an ally, she dispels all dispellable negative buffs from them. (Some buffs, however, cannot be dispelled.)

Primary: Shadow Crescent

Blast Phase – No Cooldown
8 energy per enemy hit
Variable arc targeter – 135 degrees, hitting range 1-3, to 75 degrees, hitting 3-5
Strikes in an arc, dealing 24 damage to enemies hit.

2: Mercurial Mood

Prep or Blast Phase – Free Action – Cooldown 3
4 energy per ally hit (including self)
3+1 circle around Nadia
Nadia heals herself for 12, and heals allies within 3+1 of her for 20. Allies below 50% gain an additional 8 health. This ability may be cast in Prep Phase or Blast Phase depending on the distance of your cursor when using it in decision phase (within 3 = Prep, outside of 3 = Blast).

3: Special Fence

Prep Phase – Cooldown 4
8 energy per enemy hit
7 range, place two 2-length segments
Creates two 2-length segments of wall at a right angle from each other. The segments form a trap that damages enemies passing through it for 24 and heals allies passing through it for 6. It lasts until the end of next turn, and also provides low cover for Nadia’s team.

4: Yin and Yang
Dash Phase – Cooldown 4
10 energy on hitting ally or enemy
7 range Slide, targets enemy or ally, landing within 2+1
Nadia dashes to an enemy or ally, landing nearby and dealing 20 damage or healing them for 20 (respectively). She may reactivate this ability next turn (only) to dash again; if she targeted an enemy, the second dash must target an ally, and vice versa. The second dash deals 26 damage or heals for 26. Cooldown runs from your last dash (so, if you skip the second dash on the next turn, it will have 3 cooldown from that turn).

Ultimate: Null Reference Exception

Prep Phase
Costs 100 Energy

3-radius sphere within 7 range
Creates a large sphere on the ground centered at a target point. Enemies in the zone are Weakened and Nullified (stripped of all positive buffs, except those which cannot be dispelled, stripped of all shields and have all healing or shielding received this turn reduced to 1). The zone lasts 2 turns, and reapplies its effects at the beginning of the next turn (as well as to any enemies that move into it).

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